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Pipiwai Trail Etc.

To get to the trail you first need to get there. Maui has its 55mph roads and it has its 15mph roads. Many of the winding slower roads are required to get to the south east side of the island. 45 Miles took my vehicle 2.5 hours to travel. The road goes from a divided highway to a single lane serpentine. When I first came to Maui, a friend took me on the winding narrow roads and I was fearful. Now I crave the isolation it brings. The shear scenery along the coast line was worth the trip. There were about 5 cars on the road. Three cars met me from behind and two were oncoming. Couldn't have asked for a better drive out to the hike.

I arrived in a very man made concrete parking structure, where it was evident this is where I would park my car. I went on a hike and I found a few watering holes. The hike was on National Park land = very well marked. It was so well marked; a lawyer could find their way to the falls. Besides the fact that the trail is super wide and ma…
November 20th Update

Today I was hiking the "L" above Lahainaluna High School. I could see the "L" but every path I took (over 4) did not make the connection to the "L". I literally would hike straight up 45 degree slopes or greater and reach heavy brush that devoured the trails. It was like many people are hiking the same trails not knowing where to go, just giving up in the same spots. Not like their were any distinguishable markings or trail heads. I thought it would be a short hour adventure.

The total hike took over 3 hours. I finished off the day at my car watching the sunset. The highschool I parked at was having a furlo Friday. Which is a neat way of saying the government here ran out of money for the schools, and instead of finding more money, they are just not teaching on Friday's to save money. I tell you the states are weird someways more than others. One of the riches countries in the world and they can't budget properly to run their …
Nudy Beach.... Not like in the movies.

Today instead of hiking, I was confronted with a no tresspassing sign. I opted to just lay in the sun. Before I laid in the sun, I decided to check out the unspoken but really well advertised Little Beach just off of the Big Beach. I was walking normally towards the super secret lava stairway that people were passing me to get too. It was exciting, and ultimately weird. I chickened out. I stayed up top of the entrance, stood back took a breath and walked back to the normal beach. The nudy beach was packed!!! I wanted to just get some peace, I wanted to be comfortable. I wanted to forget the wiffle ball game and the guys freely tanning. It was a sausage feast with a dash of flower.

Tommorow, I will either drive to Hana, or drive to the infinity pool and hike. Maui is awesome! Where is Sheona when you need to prove that you are not a lazy potato?
Not Lahaina Pali Trail... at first.

5am – Wake
8am – Drive
9:30am – Hike
9:45am – Go to what I think is the trail but actually off the trail.
9:50am – Trail that I thought I was on ends. Start Canadian trailblazing up mountain along power lines.
10:30am – Stop scrambling up the mountain and head for the only path I can see. Path is less rocky, but steep like 45 degrees steep, and never ending.
11:30am – Drink 25% of my water in one sitting.
12:00pm – Lunch (Muffin, another 25% of my water).
12:15pm – Find out that I had stumbled into the close proximity of the 20 windmills on the island. Hike up to the windmills, and find that a huge valley separates me from them and a nice road. Drink another 25% of my water.
12:30pm – Decide to follow the trail I was on and assume I was on the right trail to begin with.
1:30pm – Stumble upon the only trail head sign I have seen since I went off the path. As I look confused, the trail head states that I am at marker 11 (Which by the way is the also the mile mar…
Just an update. Weather watches are in effect. I am staying closer to the main land, to avoid potential flash floods. Still having a great time. Even with the mountains out there is still tons to do or not!
It's my Dads Birthday!

As I write this it is November 11, 2009. Let the bells ring out and the banners fly... (direct quote from my dad a long time ago).

Yesterday I hiked Waihe'e Ridge, and it was great. I must have sweat 3 litres of myself into my hiking clothing. Too bad I only brought 1.5 litres of water. Video is coming.

Today I will be remembering those who allowed me to take the opportunity to travel to another country, sit in the sun and see the world. I am not a huge believer of war, but some ideals need to be defended. Whether justified war or not, those who fight for our rights to live a certain way need to be recognized. For they do what many don't, put their country before their own lives.

Till tomorrow, happy birthday dad.
Hawaii 2009 - The Blowhole

I am on vacation. There I said it. Fun in the sun and this first week I have been making an effort to prep for the fun. In order to do that fun I need to make the work stuff get done. I also need to tie up some loose ends that I didn't factor in when I was not on vacation. So to do that, I have been suntanning, reading about this place, eating, figuring out a workout, jogging, more sun and meeting the locals... and tie up loose ends online through email.

Loose ends. Always a loose end. The funny thing about my life is that sometimes the loose ends tie themselves up by themselves. Good news, is loose ends are mostly small things, and can be delayed to a point. One of my big loose ends is talking to Westjet in Hawaii without a phone here that costs more than my flight.

I went on a few hikes yesterday. It was a leisurely drive to some northerly points where I stopped on my last trip here in Hawaii. The last time I didn't have any hiking shoes and I was bar…