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I had a few moments of note recently.

I was recently brought into a meeting room and just short of accused of harassing a very distant coworker when months ago I wrote her a note introducing myself to her I expressed my interest and invited her to come visit my work site. All I can hope is that HR conveys my sincere apology and the matter is dropped. A little background for this blog is below.

Recently I have changed directions in my approach to women. I used to just look down, politely back away and forget ever seeing them (which up until now has been an utter failure). Seriously what ever I did, it wasn't working. Now when I see a woman that I find attractive, my new motive is to contact them. Introduce myself, tell them I find them attractive, and place the proverbial ball in their court. Then I let them make the next move. In no way does my letter describe anything other than my interest. As a fail safe, my letter is singular in nature and doesn't proceed to a second communi…