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The 6 Hr Cheesecake

I embarked on a cooking collaboration with my kitchen and some new cook books. The goal is to build my experience, add to my knowledge base, perhaps even have some fun. Today`s project was a cheesecake that takes 6 hours in the oven to cook, 1 hour to cool in the oven after that, and 30 min to prepare before hand. Overall my eight hour day of cooking was pretty well wasted on home maker like tasks.

Anxiety gets the best of all of us sometime in our lives. You would think that baking a cheesecake for 6 hours would give a guy a bit of free time. Yet in those 6 hours, I felt anxious. I started working on all the required tasks as chair of the social committee. The list was and is in a state of flux and has shown me that the next few months will be busy ones. Not that I don`t enjoy a challenge.

I just was overwelmed with the amount of responsibilities that I have accepted in my life so far. When stacked on top of each other, I am quite literally in an overwhelming situati…
I can't win.

Okay, so I am going to be specific here, to everyone that isn't named MANDY, please just don't read this.

Mandy. I have stopped talking to you. I have stopped everything that involves you in my life. I have moved on and I wish you would too. The email that was deleted was an apology for my actions and my admitting that I handled our situation very poorly. Every time you write me, you tell me not to write you back, and every time you write again, you say the same thing. I respect your wishes and have cut your life out of mine. Please get the hint. This is my blog and I write what I feel and experience to help me remember the past. I include those who wish to read about me and for the most keep those who are spoken of confidential. If you can't stand me... stop reading this, however I don't care either way if you do or not. Just keep your life out of mine as I have promised to keep out of yours.

Your friend DONNA is absolutely gorgeous, inside and out. I ho…
Casualties of my Personal Life

Something is happening this month. I am loosing friends. A task I thought to be impossible without either death or amnesia on my part. I guess this is the year I manage to loose some friends. This most recent one was more of a bad date turned acquaintance poker player. However I have friends from all levels of closeness.

Today I made the step of cutting myself off from her. It was a good step since it was my actions which led me down this poisoned road anyways. I had a connection with this girl that proved to be only a mental connection. I was unimpressed with her lifestyle. To be totally exact, I was not attracted to her physically and her place, was really really dirty. My place is cluttered, but I couldn't really stand being in her place. It is a great place, just at the time, she was going through some stuff and her place was destroyed. I pushed to meet her and she wasn't ready. However from meeting her, she included me in a forum online club t…
Our Misunderstanding Is All My Fault... Apparently

I have this friend, well at least I thought I did. After a misunderstanding I am not facebook friends with this person, she has taken me off msn messenger and chats with my room mate as if she has done nothing wrong. If I still consider her a friend, is it still so? Online status and updates can be so confusing. Which is why I am writing this blog.

I am going to accept all of my responsibility in this misunderstanding, and the consequence of that action has I guess left me one less friend. I told this person that I was going to not talk to them for one week. I didn't actually mean it, but whatever. Which by today has become about three weeks. In this time I made advances in my life that I couldn't have done with her in my life. So is this a good thing? Perhaps it is time to just move forward and accept that the friendship is over. Or is it? Does it matter?

The weird/funny/liberating/freeing thing is that she removed me after I ap…