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Christmas is fast approaching and I am pretty well ready. I decided to make my gifts this year and started very early in the season. Besides some stocking stuffers, handwriting some cards, and a cheque my Christmas is pretty well finalized.

I am starting to squelch that feeling of inadequate giving that I think so many of us suffer from in this season of giving. Many of us put the value of the gift quite literally in the price of the gift. I have made efforts to change that pattern within myself. I value the dinner, the get together more than that wrapped gift. So this year I found something that intrigued me and decided that it was a great present to give away. I put value in the workmanship and the practicality not only financially but personally. The loud frustrating malls were the furthest from my mind. It helps to be in another country for the lead in to the festive holiday.

I have about 5 hours of free time left to finish all the preparations, and I’ll tell you those hours are q…
Vacation Fin

I must say from the time it took me to get to Vancouver from Maui, I was inside just enough to sleep. Seems in Vancouver after you finish work, you go home and get dressed to go out and play. This weekend was no exception. I arrived in the airport late but it was good because instead of traveling to Sheona’s house on the fabulous sky train, I would instead be directly picked up. A trade off that I was happy to see. I must say the Vancouver International Airport is very visually stimulating and new. I felt as if the visit alone to the terminal was candy to my tired eyes. When I was going to Maui, I had to stop over here and I can’t say that I remembered much. My eyes then were frantically looking for the connecting flight or a friendly greeter. This time, I had the good fortune to have a brisk but better look at my surroundings. The bag claim area is fabulous and out of the general population. The lighting is second to none, and the art is beautiful. They have a mosaic wal…
Blah... Going Home... Hawai'ian Style

Waiting in an airport is exciting, in a boring sort of way. You are going somewhere new and adventure is around every corner. Except you have to go through the strip searches, the empty water bottles, the endless passport checks just to see if you came in from some sort of other means of access 20 feet before. If this is a safer trip I am all for it. Just seems like a whole lot of effort to get to the bottom of my concealed tourist items. A major news company covered a major airline and it showed that out of all the protection from ourselves, the easiest way to get an item from one place to another is the oldest... mail it. Air freight isn't checked and it travels under the plane.

Why would anyone carry anything anymore? These are the things you think about waiting in an airport. Things you never want to think about. The stuff that I will never think about after I get out of this terminal. I wish I wasn't leaving...did I mention it is …
The clock is ticking down...

I went to the mountain, and the clouds followed...

Then I finished and the clouds kept coming...

So I waited a day and reflected on my overall trip... almost over.
Pipiwai Trail Etc.

To get to the trail you first need to get there. Maui has its 55mph roads and it has its 15mph roads. Many of the winding slower roads are required to get to the south east side of the island. 45 Miles took my vehicle 2.5 hours to travel. The road goes from a divided highway to a single lane serpentine. When I first came to Maui, a friend took me on the winding narrow roads and I was fearful. Now I crave the isolation it brings. The shear scenery along the coast line was worth the trip. There were about 5 cars on the road. Three cars met me from behind and two were oncoming. Couldn't have asked for a better drive out to the hike.

I arrived in a very man made concrete parking structure, where it was evident this is where I would park my car. I went on a hike and I found a few watering holes. The hike was on National Park land = very well marked. It was so well marked; a lawyer could find their way to the falls. Besides the fact that the trail is super wide and ma…
November 20th Update

Today I was hiking the "L" above Lahainaluna High School. I could see the "L" but every path I took (over 4) did not make the connection to the "L". I literally would hike straight up 45 degree slopes or greater and reach heavy brush that devoured the trails. It was like many people are hiking the same trails not knowing where to go, just giving up in the same spots. Not like their were any distinguishable markings or trail heads. I thought it would be a short hour adventure.

The total hike took over 3 hours. I finished off the day at my car watching the sunset. The highschool I parked at was having a furlo Friday. Which is a neat way of saying the government here ran out of money for the schools, and instead of finding more money, they are just not teaching on Friday's to save money. I tell you the states are weird someways more than others. One of the riches countries in the world and they can't budget properly to run their …
Nudy Beach.... Not like in the movies.

Today instead of hiking, I was confronted with a no tresspassing sign. I opted to just lay in the sun. Before I laid in the sun, I decided to check out the unspoken but really well advertised Little Beach just off of the Big Beach. I was walking normally towards the super secret lava stairway that people were passing me to get too. It was exciting, and ultimately weird. I chickened out. I stayed up top of the entrance, stood back took a breath and walked back to the normal beach. The nudy beach was packed!!! I wanted to just get some peace, I wanted to be comfortable. I wanted to forget the wiffle ball game and the guys freely tanning. It was a sausage feast with a dash of flower.

Tommorow, I will either drive to Hana, or drive to the infinity pool and hike. Maui is awesome! Where is Sheona when you need to prove that you are not a lazy potato?
Not Lahaina Pali Trail... at first.

5am – Wake
8am – Drive
9:30am – Hike
9:45am – Go to what I think is the trail but actually off the trail.
9:50am – Trail that I thought I was on ends. Start Canadian trailblazing up mountain along power lines.
10:30am – Stop scrambling up the mountain and head for the only path I can see. Path is less rocky, but steep like 45 degrees steep, and never ending.
11:30am – Drink 25% of my water in one sitting.
12:00pm – Lunch (Muffin, another 25% of my water).
12:15pm – Find out that I had stumbled into the close proximity of the 20 windmills on the island. Hike up to the windmills, and find that a huge valley separates me from them and a nice road. Drink another 25% of my water.
12:30pm – Decide to follow the trail I was on and assume I was on the right trail to begin with.
1:30pm – Stumble upon the only trail head sign I have seen since I went off the path. As I look confused, the trail head states that I am at marker 11 (Which by the way is the also the mile mar…
Just an update. Weather watches are in effect. I am staying closer to the main land, to avoid potential flash floods. Still having a great time. Even with the mountains out there is still tons to do or not!
It's my Dads Birthday!

As I write this it is November 11, 2009. Let the bells ring out and the banners fly... (direct quote from my dad a long time ago).

Yesterday I hiked Waihe'e Ridge, and it was great. I must have sweat 3 litres of myself into my hiking clothing. Too bad I only brought 1.5 litres of water. Video is coming.

Today I will be remembering those who allowed me to take the opportunity to travel to another country, sit in the sun and see the world. I am not a huge believer of war, but some ideals need to be defended. Whether justified war or not, those who fight for our rights to live a certain way need to be recognized. For they do what many don't, put their country before their own lives.

Till tomorrow, happy birthday dad.
Hawaii 2009 - The Blowhole

I am on vacation. There I said it. Fun in the sun and this first week I have been making an effort to prep for the fun. In order to do that fun I need to make the work stuff get done. I also need to tie up some loose ends that I didn't factor in when I was not on vacation. So to do that, I have been suntanning, reading about this place, eating, figuring out a workout, jogging, more sun and meeting the locals... and tie up loose ends online through email.

Loose ends. Always a loose end. The funny thing about my life is that sometimes the loose ends tie themselves up by themselves. Good news, is loose ends are mostly small things, and can be delayed to a point. One of my big loose ends is talking to Westjet in Hawaii without a phone here that costs more than my flight.

I went on a few hikes yesterday. It was a leisurely drive to some northerly points where I stopped on my last trip here in Hawaii. The last time I didn't have any hiking shoes and I was bar…
UPDATE: HR has ironed over my "letter to a woman at work" conundrum. Thanks for all that were concerned...

Again I am researching computers and again I am overwhelmed with my options. I would have thought this would be easier being that with the school year starting. A whole bunch of computers just waiting for us to grab them off the racks. However, every company has come up with something they think will sell. It is too bad that it is the extras that create price disparities. In some respects the same laptop are hundreds cheaper because they don't have web cameras or lower grade dvd players. Perhaps one comes with a different LCD screen. Sometimes I wonder if computer engineers are just laughing or maybe even crying over the vast differences that are involved in the laptops available today.

In some ways just writing about this difficulty in choosing is helping me work through the several levels of comprehension a person needs to wade through these choices. I started with …
I had a few moments of note recently.

I was recently brought into a meeting room and just short of accused of harassing a very distant coworker when months ago I wrote her a note introducing myself to her I expressed my interest and invited her to come visit my work site. All I can hope is that HR conveys my sincere apology and the matter is dropped. A little background for this blog is below.

Recently I have changed directions in my approach to women. I used to just look down, politely back away and forget ever seeing them (which up until now has been an utter failure). Seriously what ever I did, it wasn't working. Now when I see a woman that I find attractive, my new motive is to contact them. Introduce myself, tell them I find them attractive, and place the proverbial ball in their court. Then I let them make the next move. In no way does my letter describe anything other than my interest. As a fail safe, my letter is singular in nature and doesn't proceed to a second communi…
A few new things in my life. I have been voted into the executive of CUPE Alberta. My official title is Young Workers Vice President. I think it will be a good step into learning about my union and how it fits in provincially. The trick I believe is finding a way to connect people to issues of the unions.

I am an UNCLE. Yes I have a niece. Elliana Leilee Cush. A very cute and helpless individual at this point. I am sure I will find a way to spoil her.
The 6 Hr Cheesecake

I embarked on a cooking collaboration with my kitchen and some new cook books. The goal is to build my experience, add to my knowledge base, perhaps even have some fun. Today`s project was a cheesecake that takes 6 hours in the oven to cook, 1 hour to cool in the oven after that, and 30 min to prepare before hand. Overall my eight hour day of cooking was pretty well wasted on home maker like tasks.

Anxiety gets the best of all of us sometime in our lives. You would think that baking a cheesecake for 6 hours would give a guy a bit of free time. Yet in those 6 hours, I felt anxious. I started working on all the required tasks as chair of the social committee. The list was and is in a state of flux and has shown me that the next few months will be busy ones. Not that I don`t enjoy a challenge.

I just was overwelmed with the amount of responsibilities that I have accepted in my life so far. When stacked on top of each other, I am quite literally in an overwhelming situati…
I can't win.

Okay, so I am going to be specific here, to everyone that isn't named MANDY, please just don't read this.

Mandy. I have stopped talking to you. I have stopped everything that involves you in my life. I have moved on and I wish you would too. The email that was deleted was an apology for my actions and my admitting that I handled our situation very poorly. Every time you write me, you tell me not to write you back, and every time you write again, you say the same thing. I respect your wishes and have cut your life out of mine. Please get the hint. This is my blog and I write what I feel and experience to help me remember the past. I include those who wish to read about me and for the most keep those who are spoken of confidential. If you can't stand me... stop reading this, however I don't care either way if you do or not. Just keep your life out of mine as I have promised to keep out of yours.

Your friend DONNA is absolutely gorgeous, inside and out. I ho…
Casualties of my Personal Life

Something is happening this month. I am loosing friends. A task I thought to be impossible without either death or amnesia on my part. I guess this is the year I manage to loose some friends. This most recent one was more of a bad date turned acquaintance poker player. However I have friends from all levels of closeness.

Today I made the step of cutting myself off from her. It was a good step since it was my actions which led me down this poisoned road anyways. I had a connection with this girl that proved to be only a mental connection. I was unimpressed with her lifestyle. To be totally exact, I was not attracted to her physically and her place, was really really dirty. My place is cluttered, but I couldn't really stand being in her place. It is a great place, just at the time, she was going through some stuff and her place was destroyed. I pushed to meet her and she wasn't ready. However from meeting her, she included me in a forum online club t…
Our Misunderstanding Is All My Fault... Apparently

I have this friend, well at least I thought I did. After a misunderstanding I am not facebook friends with this person, she has taken me off msn messenger and chats with my room mate as if she has done nothing wrong. If I still consider her a friend, is it still so? Online status and updates can be so confusing. Which is why I am writing this blog.

I am going to accept all of my responsibility in this misunderstanding, and the consequence of that action has I guess left me one less friend. I told this person that I was going to not talk to them for one week. I didn't actually mean it, but whatever. Which by today has become about three weeks. In this time I made advances in my life that I couldn't have done with her in my life. So is this a good thing? Perhaps it is time to just move forward and accept that the friendship is over. Or is it? Does it matter?

The weird/funny/liberating/freeing thing is that she removed me after I ap…