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In April I witness a death. I was sitting down at a table, watching the dancers on the floor. When a couple did something odd. The man just went stiff and fell backwards almost tripping his partner. It wasn't a minute when they started to do CPR and when the EMT's rolled him away, we hoped for the best, but we knew chances of coming out on top was slim.

Today something similar happened to me. Except it wasn't a death. However I basically tripped over my partner and fell stiff to the floor. We both knew coming out of this was slim, and we mutually broke up. She started discussion and I concurred. We were both thinking similar things. She was frustrated, and I know she had valid reasons for her anger with me. I admit it, I was the one in the wrong. She gave me so many chances, and I instead of trusting my gut (which I wasn't sure was my gut), decided to let the relationship continue.

My gut feeling was her gut feeling. I should have just trusted her. It felt good being wit…