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My room mate in moment of clarity and pain, helped describe my life when it comes to women. It was part of the melt down I was privy too when he thought without proof that his girlfriend was cheating on him. She had for reasons unknown to me decided to ignore his phone calls. Which had become frequent when the day became night. To compound the problem, days earlier he had restarted the divorce proceedings with his once wife whom had been separated and living in another country. Stack on top of this, his son who had been mysteriously absent for the last few visits according to the court appointed visitation schedule. His ex-girlfriend and mother of his child who would merit a whole blog to herself was not returning his phone calls. I can only hope that the next 18 years of the boys life will mature into an amicable loving shared parental relationship. I hope I hope.

Obviously he deals with life on a totally different level than I. So when he spoke about my life it hit a bullseye I was t…
It's hot, so let me try to explain the reason for this entry.

I just finished the television series Quantum Leap. It was and still is one of my favorite television shows of my youth.

Sam Beckett is a Quantum Physicist who designs and finally tests his idea on time travel. Kind of like Sliders except Sam must change the future for the better to leap to the next wrong that needs to be righted. The show lasted 5 seasons, and I watched every episode religiously. The last episode is about a regret and a realization on Sam Beckett journey. That he is in control of his leaping through time, and that Al (his holographic guide whom is real but living in 1999) needs his life corrected (even though we all know it would mean that his character would disapear from the show). Throughout the series, Al was introduced as a man with a wondering eye. His first love Beth remarried when he was designated POW MIA in Vietnam (which screwed Al a little in the head). Sam had an opportunity in a previous le…