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Showing posts from December, 2007

The day is Wednesday in November. The time is 4:30am. I have this great story to tell today. I wish I could have seen it coming... I might have went another way. I have to go to sleep, but it is a story I may end up telling my kids one day.

Her name was T Electra H. I use only her initials since it would be unfair that she one day comes across this. She is a beautiful woman, with great big green eyes and soft powder white skin. I would later find out that she is working on a child psychiatry degree, but for you to know her I need to start at the beginning.

It started at the Casino on Tuesday. I was invited to play a tournament for $60. I made it to the last 3 of the original 9 tables 9 (I think). I felt semi-good about myself. I played it cool, but cooler heads prevailed. More like people whom were able to risk more prevailed. Either way it was a neat experience and I would do it again probably in the new year 3 - 6 months from now. Statistically I shouldn't have rec…