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The Getaway Spa

Okay, I have a new experience that has moved me to write about it, so if your squeamish about body hair.... stop here.

I am a hairy guy. I have been living with it since junior high. Little by little I have become the guy who would make very physically conscious decisions about what to do about the hair. Over the years I learned to shave my facial hair, even dabbled into a pretty groovy beard. With working out at the gym, I have been electric shaving my chest and arm pits, which over time moved to my groin. I must say that in the summer and during workouts, the minimizing of hair has really helped me immensely. Recently male pattern baldness which unfortunately affects the head and no where else has moved me to razor shave my head. I have no regrets about shaving my head. A smooth head feels great. So much so that I took up swimming, and although it has been a slow process, gives me great joy in that I have been embracing the water side of my gym.

My room mate, who had su…