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I am on holidays.... so why am I at home?

Good questions, here's the answer. I had planned to ride my bike across the eastern provinces to Toronto. Where I would indulge in a wedding. A few days before my journey, my front fork started leaking worse then it was and I was concerned. So I looked into the parts, ordered them and started to disassemble the bike. I have every part except for two copper washers smaller than my fingernail. They are presser washers that hold fork oil in the fork under pressure. They cost $4.50 each and I am waiting for them to arrive. So in the mean time I am doing my best to relax and watch the airlines for deals to fly into Ontario.

It costs less to travel farther than it costs to enter into Ontario, crazy right? I digress, either way I am looking at $600 to get to a wedding that was supposed to be the end to a great trip. I think I am leaning to just investing in a better gift and calling to cancel. It seems like there are many other things in my house t…