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Chills to the point of teeth chattering, and then hot spells that make me sweat like I just ran a race. After one day of having a sore throat, achy body and no appitete I can say the soon these atiboitics work the better.

I keep thinking that I got this from a spagetti squash that I prepared the day before I was sick. Although I can not prove it, I started feeling ill the moment I changed from my work boots to my insulated rubbers. I don't know what exactly it was but I have taken only one other round of sick days and that was years ago.

I feel horrible taking the time off since I love the job, but overall I am thankfull that I can tough this out in my house instead of outside in the fridged temperatures. From what I hear the job site is a real tough cookie. Mostly because of a city tree that is too close to the services.
I got home from my Friday night young adult group. I was fairly tired yet there was something off. I thought it wouldn't bother me, and I am still up in the air over if ultimately it will. My new roommate has christened his room and ultimately this house before I have. I knew this was going to be the case when I started this partnership with him. He was a lady's man and I am not. It is a natural event, and will continue to go on through out my life and the history of people. Being bound by a belief system of saving myself has been hard. Potentially worth while... maybe. I used to think that it would make a difference. However with anything, when you get down to the nitty gritty, I am not so sure anymore. Sex is a drive given to us by God. Relationships grow and ultimately it becomes what we know what will inevitably be a physical relationship. Sure I know that their is a mental side to it all but when you get down to it, we are communal beings and sex is an ultimate inevitabil…