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Showing posts from February, 2006
I have left my beard growing. I have been looking at what I am going to do with my entertainment area and how I am going to get the most of my money. The goal: To maximize my entertainment needs with a minimum of products. To illustrate my point I was in an Apple store today. I needed to know if they had any sort of wireless monitors. They didn't, but the did have a computer that fit behind a monitor. It may be feesable to just by a large screen lcd television with a monitor connector and get a really long monitor cable made. After that, I need to make plans to get the furniture to coniside with my plans. It will take months, even up to a year, but if everything goes as planned. By next Christmas, I will be watching TV with a different attitude.

The fire dept has cashed my cheque, I am officially in the system. I need to make sure that my additional qualifications, are kept current.