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So I met this woman a few weeks ago. By chance I had the luck of stumbling on a singles web site that made me pause and take a look. I saw a few women whom were out of my league. I decided to contact them. One of them wrote back and was absolutely stunning. I mean what is this woman even doing writing back? So, I took the step and wrote her back and I tried to let her understand that the person I am and the bombshell she was could and probably would be a bad combination. Still she persisted. So I wrote again, stating that I thought she was a great person, and I guess if she was interested I was interested too. Please let me know who you are. So she started to. It was very nice, I looked forward to the mail.

So in her last email she indicated that she was dealing with issues that she was trying to shelve in the attic. To which I replied that I would much rather see her as a whole then as the person she would try to show me. I have yet to receive any more mail from this woman, the back a…
Whats new.

- I am getting a new room mate. A fellow workmate. I am not totally ready to have a guy I used to work with be living with me. Its possible to get totally overcome with too much of something. Plus if something were to go wrong, would the working together get in the way? I think it might. Either way, this guy is a friend and he needs a place to stay. He is a semi-perfect candidate. I think everything will work well and the situation will work its way out. Overall after talking to other friends, family and to myself (hehe) I am looking forward to the move in. I think I will contact him to see if he can come over to look the situation over first and then make plans to move in if that is in fact what he wants to do.

- Christmas is coming. Yes its steamrolling ahead and the world is prepping the turkeys, cause Santa is coming and the world needs its products. I may sound bitter, but part of me doesn't like the holiday while the other part does.

- I am sleeping way too much. I …
I am on holidays. So what does this mean? It means that I am going to relax, meet new people, old friends, and make sure the Christmas season doesn't get away from me.

That all being said, today I got back from the Banff hot springs totally relaxed. My back feels great (which it hadn't recently). I wiped my laptop and prepared to install win xp. While doing laundry with a bad dryer, I have been baking cookies and this evening, will watch the entire 4 hours of survivor, the hour or so of Family Guy and then go to bed knowing that this day was just as busy as the rest of my vacation.

I don't know what it is but when I am on vacation, the world seems to call me for help or those things that I have been putting off just wave the magic "right now" flag and my life goes on the fix it path.

I must say that I am having a great time. My house is slowly coming back to where it was before I had a room mate and potentially I will be inviting a new room mate to join me for the n…
The owner of the Trio music player was found yesterday. Well as found a few weeks ago I should say. At that time I was in doubt relaxing on my vacation that anyone would answer my e-mail. It turns out that a man saw my advertisement wanted to know if I had found his music player and sent me an e-mail. He had everything correct as to what it looked like the kind of music you had and what it did not have. our schedules did not seem to match so in the end I had to place my trust in the personnel behind the counter at the fitness center. It felt good to return the MP4 player back to the rightful owner. I would like to see the owner personally, that Lee I think it was for the best that I don't know who owns what I found. it makes me want to get a pod even more now. I hope the price goes down and when it does I will make that splurge and by the player.

Next on the list Christmas.