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Still no one has written to say that they lost the MP4 player that I found in the locker room. I thought that I would have an immediate amount of responses. However, this has been further from the truth. Could it be that I will inherit a player from someone else misfortune? I had thought that once I placed the sheet on the wall, responses, both fake and the sincere would pour in. I wonder how long I should continue to pursue this? Is one month long enough, is 1 week? Its hard for me to know, since I am not new to this type of electronic find. All I need to do is invest $30 bucks in some headphones and a usb cord. Simple and cheap. I promised myself that I wouldn't think about keeping this device, but if no one answers the totally out in the open, impossible to miss sign, then what am I supposed to do?

I will keep me apprised.
Yesterday while finishing my workout, I undressed walked towards the showers, and out of the corner of my eye I saw somthing. One of the empty lockers had an ipod like mp4 player lying in it. I had found someones mp4 player and it was late in the evening. The chance of returning the player wasn't good. So I took it, placed it in my locker and went for a shower. I got dressed, made myself up and asked the front counter if anyone reported a missing player. No one had. So I walked out of the gym. Thought to myself and thought some more.

I had lost a watch not long ago from the gym. I had left it there by mistake. It was my favorite watch. I knew in my heart the no one would return it. It really was a cool watch. So what do I do? I can become the same guy that took my watch and didn't return it, or I could try to find the owner of this watch.

So I made up a sign. I will put it up in the locker room. If someone answers, I will give the mp4 back. If not I will claim it as my own. Simp…
I am on vacation. Not really sure what I will be doing these two weeks. I can imagine that I will be reading a whole lot more and perhaps catching up on some of the things I have let go over the last year.

I got a call from an old co-worker that basically stated that I was needed to clear up a matter dealing with work schedules and their mistake of not showing up one of his days. I think that with some investigation I may just be able to justify why the mistake was made and if anything could have been done differently. I know that this coworker may not like what I have to say but a mistake was definitely made and someone needs correcting.

I know that I am going to be finalizing a new suit that I purchased for myself. It is not the best suit in the world, but it is a good suit. I have never bought a brand new suit and I was quite happy about the whole process. The suit will be used for a wedding I will be attending this November. After that my goal is to where the suit at least once a mo…