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Showing posts from April, 2005
The countertop is down. It looks great. The kitchen is starting to look like .... well a kitchen. Soon, the sink will be installed the tiles which I will help lay, and the lights will be put up. Whats next?! Appliances of course.

Could it be a few weeks more? Could be. Its getting exciting. Since the kitchen was the big project and it is coming along at a snails pace (I might add I am determinding the pace), and it would be nice to eat at my house soon.

Other than that I have been introduced to a wonderfull tv show that is showed on winamp tv. It is a show on exposing innaccurate problems in the world. The magicians Pen and Teller make a wonderfull argument on things like smoking bans, speaking to the dead, peta, and many others. I find myself watching as many as I can before I have to go.
I haven't written anything for awhile. I guess thats because, I have been sidetracked.

The spring fever is coming. The grass needs tending, the gardens need tilling. The fences need replacing, my bike needs maintaining... the world of summer is coming and I haven't even finished my kitchen. Note to self: Get this done.

So I think I did some damage to my wrists. Both wrists have been giving me trouble. Weakness mostly. There are 8 bones which make up the wrist. My scaphoid and lunate are tender. They haven't been getting any better even with tablets to increase synovial fluid in the joints. I think I may have fractured some of the bones in my wrist. I am debating whether or not I should go to the doctors.

Other than that, I had my watch stolen from the gym (which should be effecting me more than it has), and an old friend I was looking forward to hanging out with ended up using me, so much so that I think most of our conversations were one sided. I was for lack of a better wor…