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Showing posts from July, 2005
Four wonderful happened yesterday and today. My shelf was constructed, my shoes arrived from the USA, I have seen the bootlegged copy of Starwars III (which looks incredible), and I hacked into a neighbors wireless internet connection (by chance).

All I need now, is some good weather and a workout and today will be classified as a great day.
Finally a productive week. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, my stove and fridge have arrived and installed in the house. My new shelves by the dishwasher should be finished this week or beginning of the next. I have been riding my bike to the gym and I am now fitted for a tuxedo. All I need to do is buy some new shoes.

When my appliances arrived, the first thing that the delivery guy said was "Do you have another door?", little did I realize that my fridge was almost as deep as it was wide. I thought that my fridge would be able to fit through my front door. Did I measure it, no. I just assumed. So after franticly trying to see if I could take the doors off, I had them deliver the fridge to the garage. You see the delivery guys didn't bring (I think they didn't have) any tools to take the doors off. So after looking at the fridge and seeing the instructions for taking the doors off, I called the brick, had them refund 50% of my delivery fee (for only gettin…
People can be frustrating, sometimes its worth it and sometimes its not. I bought a fridge, and a stove. Its an expensive purchase and it is totally worth it in the long run. However in the short run, I find that I am doing most of the investigations and my seller is just twiddling their thumbs in awe.

You see I got a great deal on a fridge, a deal on the stove and both have had their minor frustrations. I have been waiting for almost a full month for the items. Not a huge deal but considering that the time waiting was supposed to be half that I am a little ticked. The only good thing about the wait was that during the stalled delivery, I found out that my fridge may be flawed to the degree that it would need to be serviced immediately. So being that this is a huge purchase and that I don't want to see delivery guys at my place twice in the same year, I thought I would call "The Brick" and see if I had purchased a fridge that needs fixing. Since this was a long weekend, t…