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Showing posts from June, 2005
I bought a fridge, and a stove, and soon (I seem to say this often) I will be officially in my house. I have been eating at my parents place and soon it will be time to bid that part of my life to the occasional visit.

Of course there is a lot of other stuff to do after that but, like everything else, I believe that it will come in due time and with the quiet satisfaction that the rest of this process has brought. The kitchen is looking great. I have to still get another cabinet for the south wall, build an extra door for the dishwasher over space, and add the valence wood covers. But overall I know things are coming as fast as I need them to.

Its a shame that it is taking this long, but I am realizing the importance of getting things done with the money and experience that is with me now. I am doing more than most, and holding my own. I think that there could be a life lesson somewhere in this renovation, but until its done, I can't square that reason off just yet.

Maybe my grandmot…