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The weekend of Easter. Usually it is filled with the sameness. Usually I would be at my parents place, waiting to do those extra things that seem to be needed on the holiday. Some movie watching, some computer surfing, some food at grandma's, and a visit to church.

This year, its different. Moving out, the death of my grandfather, the house sitting for my relatives, the nocturnal instincts of my cousin, the unexplained television peasant vision. The weekend has turned into a dream. I find that I am dreaming the days events in my bed.

Last night after working a 13 hour shift, dropping off a coworker, and picking up some food. I arrive at my relatives place, a young man, and a woman are walking away from the door. The lights are on (which shouldn't be) and I start thinking the worst. The come up to the truck ask if I am keeping cousin and I think maybe all is not so bad. Then after telling them that Kevin is at work (which he should be) I walk inside the door, disable the alarm, o…
It has been another wonderfull month. Almost over and Easter is ending the tail of March. I am working on Saturday and if all goes well I will have some major progress completed on the house. The walls have been painted and the cabinets although are not purchased are picked out. All there is now is (installing cabinets, installing counters, installing countertops, plumbing, tiles, and appliances. Oh the joy.

As always life is creeping up on me and during this week I will be house sitting for my uncle and aunt while they are away for some easter holidays. It should be an easy weekend. I am going to make sure that my cousin, doesn't get any bright ideas about parties and the like while his parents are away. It should be a walk in the park. Either way, I know that my place will be stalled a little while longer, but after a year, three days is not going to be that unpleasant for set backs. Besides it will be nice to save some money this week and prepare for the coming expenses.

Till nex…