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I bought a new phone on eBay. So it may not be new but it is a phone that should solve my problems. Recently my 3 year old nokia phone started acting up on me. The darn batter would not hold a charge longer than a day or three 10 minute calls. It was a nightmare. So after researching the cost of a new battery. I found that it would be cheaper to buy a new phone than buy a new battery. So I did, I purchased a Nokia 6590i from a seller in the states. With shipping and god forbid customs I should be around where a new batter would cost.

The great thing about this phone is that it has everything I want in a phone. There are no cameras, or pretty color screens. It has an fm radio that utilizes a special headset. There is infrared for transferring information from my palm to its memory. The phone stores 500 numbers, can voice dial 10 numbers, voice command 5 menu items, multiple ring tones, compatible with the palm in todo, and calendar. The most used function on my current phone is the alar…
So finishing February was a little of a pipe dream. The bathroom is 2 steps from being done. The electrical is done and that's a relief. Everything that was planned electrically works wonderfully.

This week I am off of work. My schedule changes so I will put some major hours into the house this week. I want to get the kitchen to a point where I can say "Good job, almost done."

The one year mark is upon us. I am excited, oh I am excited.
So here is the plan. Finish the house by February. I have only the kitchen to do. Hopefully in this order.

- electrical (with help 1 day)
- drywall (a couple of days)
- prime, paint (a week)
- plumbing for dishwasher (one day)
- install cabinets (not long)
- install counters (hopefully not long)
- install sink (should be dooable)
- install fridge, microwave, dishwasher (peice of cake)
- lights, switches, misc. (almost done)
- Rejoice end of February.

If I can get the place ready, by March it will be 1 year to the month that I purchased the house, and renovated it. Not bad considering that I did not go into debt for any of the purchases. I may have a roomie, and if I can get by the whole "one room is too small" senerio I may have two. Which would be perfect timing. Since I will need some renters to help with the house, and hopefully be able to live with me as I too grow into the place.

March here I come.

I am living in my house. Well almost. Sleeping at least. The kitchen is in the works but that should take a little time and some money. I am hoping to finish the upstairs by the end of February. With the hopes that in March I can introduce a new member to the house. My room-mate. So far things are falling into place and all that is in the way is available funds. Appliances will be on the wish list, and even for a deal they will be expensive. I will probably bide my time by finishing the wiring of the low voltage additions and measuring proper floor rugs. My life is so not what I have expected it would be, but all-in-all I am satisfied. I mean who wouldn't? I am paying off my own house, I am working in a job that I enjoy and I have the basics (water, food, shelter, and heat). According to my grandmother, all I need now is a woman. Grandma's know everything.

Other than that I am working the trouble shift at work. A great shift. I learn a little every day and I am constantly aske…