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I shaved my head. It took longer than I thought it would. Infact it felt cool after I did it. However, I found a mole on my head that I did not know was there. So I made a doctors appointment and had it checked out. The specialist will take a look in the new year in January. Hopefully I can get it removed.

Ebay is starting to become my second home. I am thinking about buying a wireless palm so I can ebay at work. Start selling products and buying with more intensity.

My resume is almost updated. I figured I have procrastonated enough on this. Either I am going to make it, or not. I need to know.

This entry is patchy at best. Just thought I would write something today.
I am having trouble looking at the future without a better paying job. Not that I don't like my job and the profession I am searching for in the future as a hopefull firefighter. I do have some issues with being able to retire properly with the constant rise in costs and basic needs. I may have to find some sort of way to make more money.

The problem I have is that in order to do this, I need to make a choice. How much money is enough, and when I have enough, what do I do with the excess if it comes to that?

I will think about this in the coming days.
Two days ago, I was set up on a blind date. After work, I went out with a coworker, met his friends, had some drinks, and talked. Stacey is her name. A woman who is interesting, attractive, and until our meeting was one step away from swearing off the likes of men.

The days leading up to the date were interesting. Since I never went on a blind date, the idea of it was new to me. I've seen it on countless movies and television shows, but never been a party to that scene. So when the day became a reality, I was excited. For it was new.

After work, I went to spot selected. Was introduced, had some drinks, and slowly everyone disappeared till it was just me and her. For the first time, I was comfortable in a bar sipping a fruity drink, listening to what Stacey wanted in a Guy, and matching it with what I wanted in a Girl. A very pretty face, I managed to watch it all night. She told me about some of her bad dates, and love gone wrong. I told her about my inexperience, and she smirked. I…
My brother is now married.


I have to say that the wedding was great. I have been to a few weddings that weren't like my brothers. I have also been to a few that were better. Overall I think that the wedding was true to form.

Things that I learned from this marriage:
- If I am not the groom, I have no idea how the union will be.
- When you wear a suit, you get some interesting looks from women.
- I feel more powerful when I wear a suit.
- Women are not as "good" as I would like to think.
- When you think you know someone, your going to get a wake up call if you start drinking together.
- When your getting married, invite as many people as you can, so that in the event of your gift opening, you'll be rewarded handsomely.
- Cowboy boots are really... really comfortable.
- When someone is getting married, other people who are not married, think about getting married, especially women.
- When you stay up way past your bed time, and have a few beers under your belt. Make sure if…
Four wonderful happened yesterday and today. My shelf was constructed, my shoes arrived from the USA, I have seen the bootlegged copy of Starwars III (which looks incredible), and I hacked into a neighbors wireless internet connection (by chance).

All I need now, is some good weather and a workout and today will be classified as a great day.
Finally a productive week. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, my stove and fridge have arrived and installed in the house. My new shelves by the dishwasher should be finished this week or beginning of the next. I have been riding my bike to the gym and I am now fitted for a tuxedo. All I need to do is buy some new shoes.

When my appliances arrived, the first thing that the delivery guy said was "Do you have another door?", little did I realize that my fridge was almost as deep as it was wide. I thought that my fridge would be able to fit through my front door. Did I measure it, no. I just assumed. So after franticly trying to see if I could take the doors off, I had them deliver the fridge to the garage. You see the delivery guys didn't bring (I think they didn't have) any tools to take the doors off. So after looking at the fridge and seeing the instructions for taking the doors off, I called the brick, had them refund 50% of my delivery fee (for only gettin…
People can be frustrating, sometimes its worth it and sometimes its not. I bought a fridge, and a stove. Its an expensive purchase and it is totally worth it in the long run. However in the short run, I find that I am doing most of the investigations and my seller is just twiddling their thumbs in awe.

You see I got a great deal on a fridge, a deal on the stove and both have had their minor frustrations. I have been waiting for almost a full month for the items. Not a huge deal but considering that the time waiting was supposed to be half that I am a little ticked. The only good thing about the wait was that during the stalled delivery, I found out that my fridge may be flawed to the degree that it would need to be serviced immediately. So being that this is a huge purchase and that I don't want to see delivery guys at my place twice in the same year, I thought I would call "The Brick" and see if I had purchased a fridge that needs fixing. Since this was a long weekend, t…
I bought a fridge, and a stove, and soon (I seem to say this often) I will be officially in my house. I have been eating at my parents place and soon it will be time to bid that part of my life to the occasional visit.

Of course there is a lot of other stuff to do after that but, like everything else, I believe that it will come in due time and with the quiet satisfaction that the rest of this process has brought. The kitchen is looking great. I have to still get another cabinet for the south wall, build an extra door for the dishwasher over space, and add the valence wood covers. But overall I know things are coming as fast as I need them to.

Its a shame that it is taking this long, but I am realizing the importance of getting things done with the money and experience that is with me now. I am doing more than most, and holding my own. I think that there could be a life lesson somewhere in this renovation, but until its done, I can't square that reason off just yet.

Maybe my grandmot…
What a weekend. Before I go to bed and dream about all the sleep I am going to get tonight, I should reflect on the weekend. It was full and with each day drew a little less sleep. All of which was my fault. Anyhoo...

This week was a makeup day so I had four 12hr days instead of three. I ended up helping a friend put his computer to use again, reinstalling and upgrading his Ethernet card (however I was unable to get to his monitors limited 16 color VGA). I had a very uneventfully long day on a flushing truck, the day later. Half way through the weekend I spent a full day flossing a line on McLeod Trail, watching cars zoom by, all the while wondering how the heck the boulders we were picking out of that main got in there without there being a break in the line. I met some friends that that I haven't seen for months. Which was nice considering I haven't been "in the loop" for a while. I met the woman of my friends dreams and she seems nice. I still think that a long rel…
The countertop is down. It looks great. The kitchen is starting to look like .... well a kitchen. Soon, the sink will be installed the tiles which I will help lay, and the lights will be put up. Whats next?! Appliances of course.

Could it be a few weeks more? Could be. Its getting exciting. Since the kitchen was the big project and it is coming along at a snails pace (I might add I am determinding the pace), and it would be nice to eat at my house soon.

Other than that I have been introduced to a wonderfull tv show that is showed on winamp tv. It is a show on exposing innaccurate problems in the world. The magicians Pen and Teller make a wonderfull argument on things like smoking bans, speaking to the dead, peta, and many others. I find myself watching as many as I can before I have to go.
I haven't written anything for awhile. I guess thats because, I have been sidetracked.

The spring fever is coming. The grass needs tending, the gardens need tilling. The fences need replacing, my bike needs maintaining... the world of summer is coming and I haven't even finished my kitchen. Note to self: Get this done.

So I think I did some damage to my wrists. Both wrists have been giving me trouble. Weakness mostly. There are 8 bones which make up the wrist. My scaphoid and lunate are tender. They haven't been getting any better even with tablets to increase synovial fluid in the joints. I think I may have fractured some of the bones in my wrist. I am debating whether or not I should go to the doctors.

Other than that, I had my watch stolen from the gym (which should be effecting me more than it has), and an old friend I was looking forward to hanging out with ended up using me, so much so that I think most of our conversations were one sided. I was for lack of a better wor…
The weekend of Easter. Usually it is filled with the sameness. Usually I would be at my parents place, waiting to do those extra things that seem to be needed on the holiday. Some movie watching, some computer surfing, some food at grandma's, and a visit to church.

This year, its different. Moving out, the death of my grandfather, the house sitting for my relatives, the nocturnal instincts of my cousin, the unexplained television peasant vision. The weekend has turned into a dream. I find that I am dreaming the days events in my bed.

Last night after working a 13 hour shift, dropping off a coworker, and picking up some food. I arrive at my relatives place, a young man, and a woman are walking away from the door. The lights are on (which shouldn't be) and I start thinking the worst. The come up to the truck ask if I am keeping cousin and I think maybe all is not so bad. Then after telling them that Kevin is at work (which he should be) I walk inside the door, disable the alarm, o…
It has been another wonderfull month. Almost over and Easter is ending the tail of March. I am working on Saturday and if all goes well I will have some major progress completed on the house. The walls have been painted and the cabinets although are not purchased are picked out. All there is now is (installing cabinets, installing counters, installing countertops, plumbing, tiles, and appliances. Oh the joy.

As always life is creeping up on me and during this week I will be house sitting for my uncle and aunt while they are away for some easter holidays. It should be an easy weekend. I am going to make sure that my cousin, doesn't get any bright ideas about parties and the like while his parents are away. It should be a walk in the park. Either way, I know that my place will be stalled a little while longer, but after a year, three days is not going to be that unpleasant for set backs. Besides it will be nice to save some money this week and prepare for the coming expenses.

Till nex…
I bought a new phone on eBay. So it may not be new but it is a phone that should solve my problems. Recently my 3 year old nokia phone started acting up on me. The darn batter would not hold a charge longer than a day or three 10 minute calls. It was a nightmare. So after researching the cost of a new battery. I found that it would be cheaper to buy a new phone than buy a new battery. So I did, I purchased a Nokia 6590i from a seller in the states. With shipping and god forbid customs I should be around where a new batter would cost.

The great thing about this phone is that it has everything I want in a phone. There are no cameras, or pretty color screens. It has an fm radio that utilizes a special headset. There is infrared for transferring information from my palm to its memory. The phone stores 500 numbers, can voice dial 10 numbers, voice command 5 menu items, multiple ring tones, compatible with the palm in todo, and calendar. The most used function on my current phone is the alar…
So finishing February was a little of a pipe dream. The bathroom is 2 steps from being done. The electrical is done and that's a relief. Everything that was planned electrically works wonderfully.

This week I am off of work. My schedule changes so I will put some major hours into the house this week. I want to get the kitchen to a point where I can say "Good job, almost done."

The one year mark is upon us. I am excited, oh I am excited.
So here is the plan. Finish the house by February. I have only the kitchen to do. Hopefully in this order.

- electrical (with help 1 day)
- drywall (a couple of days)
- prime, paint (a week)
- plumbing for dishwasher (one day)
- install cabinets (not long)
- install counters (hopefully not long)
- install sink (should be dooable)
- install fridge, microwave, dishwasher (peice of cake)
- lights, switches, misc. (almost done)
- Rejoice end of February.

If I can get the place ready, by March it will be 1 year to the month that I purchased the house, and renovated it. Not bad considering that I did not go into debt for any of the purchases. I may have a roomie, and if I can get by the whole "one room is too small" senerio I may have two. Which would be perfect timing. Since I will need some renters to help with the house, and hopefully be able to live with me as I too grow into the place.

March here I come.

I am living in my house. Well almost. Sleeping at least. The kitchen is in the works but that should take a little time and some money. I am hoping to finish the upstairs by the end of February. With the hopes that in March I can introduce a new member to the house. My room-mate. So far things are falling into place and all that is in the way is available funds. Appliances will be on the wish list, and even for a deal they will be expensive. I will probably bide my time by finishing the wiring of the low voltage additions and measuring proper floor rugs. My life is so not what I have expected it would be, but all-in-all I am satisfied. I mean who wouldn't? I am paying off my own house, I am working in a job that I enjoy and I have the basics (water, food, shelter, and heat). According to my grandmother, all I need now is a woman. Grandma's know everything.

Other than that I am working the trouble shift at work. A great shift. I learn a little every day and I am constantly aske…
I got back to the gym. After about a month and a half of not going, I am back. This week is all about lightly shocking my system. The next week will be harder, and hopefully in the third week I can push harder. I am going about this a little smarter this time. I am going to research some more into body sculpting, eating properly, and stretching. Stretching is something I have neglected and I shouldn't.

The push for the fire dept is ON. With the return to the gym, and recertification looming. I am taking this seriously. More now then ever, since it is my 3rd try. The interview is my road block and I am really going to prepare for this like never before. My goal is to make it past the interview and then passed all the other tests. I must make it throughout the interview. Financially speaking, this will probably be my last try, since by this time next year the dept will be changing its hiring practices again. This time the applicants will have to go through the training themselves. W…
I am getting over a cold. I don't really get colds but I think that I have been handling a few out of the ordinary events this this winter. I have not been working out for just over a month, my shifts have been changing at work, the extreme cold weather is playing a part, but most of all I think it is the stress of my grandfather passing away.

My grandfather, who has been in my life before I can remember, died at the age of 83 in the hospital of a massive outbreak of cancer throughout his body. His last weeks were painful. The morphine injections were scheduled every 4 hours. Gordon (Grampa), had requested no life support a while he could speak. So as per his request his failing body was loosing the battle in a $22,000 bed designed with comfort in mind. The palliative care unit was designed for this purpose, and I have to admit, the reality of the situation was not hitting home until the last few hours of his death.

Sunday was great. I went to church with my family for the 3rd tim…
Learning from life I believe is important. My life is a culmination of events and choices that have molded me as a person. Focusing only on the influence of my grandpa, I can say there are a few things that I would like to thank him for. Our trips out hiking have been a great influence on my outdoor life and work ethic. I remember a time when I was with my grandfathe hiking up a well beaton trail. It was a good hike for my age and after a full morning up the mountain and the lunch by the lake on the top, our journey down was a rush with the weather. So my grandfather stepped off the path and broke his own trail. As my brother and I rushed to follow we could barely keep up. At the time stepping off the trail was never permitted, and I suppose the danger was more of a scare tactic for children, but it was one of my first memories of breaking my own trail. Something so simple as stepping off the trail could allow my brain to start to comprehend that sometimes life trail are too long and …