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I need some luck. It seems that I let a whole term test go unstudied. I have to go to school in 15 min, and the terms are sort of sticking in my mind. I do not want to tank this course, but this test may prove to be a little over my head.

I am going to try my best, retain what I can and hope that I can pull it together.

On a lighter note, I am in finishing mode with the wood in the house. I am in the second coat of the baseboards and bathroom vanity. So far things are looking good and I can start to nail things on the walls this coming week. Why not this week. Because of the tests and the fortune of my parents yearly shared condo, I am going to take a day and relax as well as study my butt off for the lab portion of my human anatomy class. I will bus it up either tonight, or tomorrow morning, and come back on Thursday.

Wish me luck, I am going to need it.

So much good to speak of.

I am in the stage of finishing the wood in the house. Just the doors, cupboards, and base boards. It is a huge task, but once that is finished, its one less thing. Exciting to see almost everything coming together. I have finished the lighting design in the kitchen and I am almost sure of the extra counters and cabinets. All that is left is the construction.

I have touched a dead person. In fact I have touched more than one dead person. I was involved with my human anatomy class this week. Our field trip was to the university morgue. Dead bodies cut up for show. I got right in the mix. I was touching parts, holding whole limbs, it was quite a sight I assure you. I have never felt a lung before and now I know what it feels like (both healthy and sick). It is quite a sight to see the human body taken apart. When you think of what the human body is made up of, the idea of constructing robots seems only limited to the complexity of the parts. It was quite a nice …
I missed my bus. It seems that I keep writing about bad things that have been happening to me. I was suppose to see a whole bunch of cut up dead people today at the university of Calgary. I arrived at my meeting place at the college at 2:07pm. I was 7 minutes late and already the bus had left. It was my fault but hopefully I will be able to see another viewing later in the week.

The good news I thought was that I was free of my illness, and that I could see another day as a healthy person. Unfortunately I am starting to feel under the weather and I am not sure whether I should go to my class this evening. It could be nothing, and I last the next 3 hours with no problems.... or I could have severe diahrea, and violent bursts of vomiting during the class. I think I will play it by ear. I am a ticking time bomb, and I am not exactly pleased about the whole senerio.

tick... tick... tick... (to be continued)

Whew.... finally some good news to report. I did not miss my bus. The dead people …
When an illness hits me, usually it is of the mild kind. Today, or rather this early morning, I was awaken to the uncontrollable erge to loose myself through my rectum. With little sleep I am trying to keep things in. After one of the most powerfull forced involunary vomits I have ever had. I must have emptied my whole stomach and small intestines worth of juice.

The good news is that I am feeling better. The bad news is that there were more of my work buddies that were sick. Which means it was either the food I bought, one of my workmates had the virus, or the virus was in the storm sewer system (someone throws up, the particles with the virus enter my body via the mist produced from cleaning).

I am starting to feel better, but holy cow I don't want to feel like that again.