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I have been skimming my study of Linear Algebra and tonight I will be applying the study to hands on calculations. Tomorrow is my last test of the semester and it will mean that I will be freeing up my summer for my house and taking a break from school. Something I needed to do since the melt down about a month ago.

I was going to go work in the garden, but today is so windy, I am glad I have left it as it was. I would have no dirt left to plant anything. The weather forecasters are issuing wind warnings of up to 80km gusts. I am really looking forward to getting back to my house, and the garden, as well as concentrating more on the fire dept once again.

that's it for today. Nothing special to report.
The screening process has begun and the wood chips I picked up from the dumps Christmas tree recycling program are smaller than I would like. From the truck load I picked up I think I will only get around 4 or 5 wheel barrels of good wood chips. I may have to go back to the dump and get another load.

Today was a little interesting, the smell of smoking plastic floats through the house this morning. I am trying to air the house out but the smoke is in my nose, and I can't tell if it is gone. It all happened when I place the plastic measuring cup on the burner, while I was making some puffed wheat squares. I totaled a plastic jug that has been in the family for more than a decade. Moms gonna cry. Maybe not.

Before I get stuck behind this computer, I have to go water my grass before it gets to hot. On the agenda today, finish screening the mulch, finish screening the gardens and sand the walls again. Later.
Today is a big day. In about 30 min I will be going to my house to mud some of the holes I made in my walls, then its off to the gardens where I will be sifting the soil so as I can have a vegetable/flower/herb garden again instead of the gravel pit I have now. The previous owner grew potatoes and then parked a car on top of the garden. Since I have a double garage, the garden will be a nice addition to which I hope to expand next year. It should be a pretty dull day, but the exciting things are to come after the mundane. Lots to do with the house and I am working slowly at a list that seems to grow every time I look at it.

Other than the mundane, I have been given an opportunity to join a new mail service as a beta tester. Google is opening its doors to mail service and I am excited about the process. Hotmail has been going down hill and it is nice to see another free service provider stepping up to the plate. The address is simple.


They offer some exciting se…
I am in my room wondering if I am losing my friends. I am keeping pretty secluded away from those I used to know. In doing so, I am seeing a dramatic decrease in friends giving me a call. I know that I should be an initiator. Just a passing thought. Perhaps its nothing. I should get some sleep.
100 years. That's how long Chip the family dog will be when he is put down this week. It has been a good run for the dog that I grew up with. 14 years ago, I was introduced to chip at my Nana and Grandpa house. He was an incredibly energetic dog back then. Nothing would please us more then to play with Chip. You can see the age in Chips body now. His eyes about the only thing left which reflects his youth. And even they are clouding over with age. He is moving quite slow, and his hind legs are giving out on him. Overall I think my Aunt is making the right choice.

I am taking this quite well considering that my take on animals is that they are a companion that fill a role. When that role is fulfilled their purpose is over and it is time to move on. My other relatives are not taking it as well as I. Or perhaps it is the other way around. We celebrated chips life over a lamb dinner where we talked and enjoyed a glass of champaine. A toast to a fine miniature Schnauzer.

I am going to …