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I hate when I make a mistake that ends up costing me in the end. Sometimes you can just dismiss the error and move on. Usually that is not the case when money is involved. Today was one of those days. I had been buying RRSP's for my retirement. Not a bad idea. The funds gain interest and when I retire, I can take out the money for my general expenses. Recently I was interested in using my RRSP's for a more current dream of purchasing a house. A simple enough idea, cash in the RRSP, pay back the loan, and continue earning interest on the loan. Simple enough. I have been learning and also forgetting that something which sounds to good to be true usually is. So I make the necessary arrangements and withdraw the funds.

Something goes wrong in the transaction. The total I was saw on my online banking was not what was withdrawn from the account. It was a little over $150 out of wack. So I phoned my bank, asked why the discrepancy, no response. Fine I will go down and see for myself.…
In my last blog, I mentioned that I would be putting the WCB money away for a rainny day. Well before I could do that, I was placed in a postion where the money had to go out just as fast as it came in. My parents called in a debt. True enough that I owed them money, so the debt was paid and that was that.

Today I have been stuck at home. I was volunteered to pick up my grandfather from the hospital. However, the pickup was supposed to occur at 8am. It is now 2:15pm and I am no closer to a pick up than this morning. The day is getting screwed up but overall I am finding things to do.
A few things to mention. I am officially of the worker compensation board for my right knee. FINISHED! According to them I my knee is 96% back to normal. Which is 3% worse than I thought. The good news is that I can get on with my life and continue with the fire dept. I was paid out by workers compensation. If I was totally disabled I would have been entitled to over $70 Grand. Wow, but really when you think about it, that means that your knee is only worth that much to the WCB. Which is quite a small amount. Overall I was paid out far less than 70 Gs. Personally I like it like that. I will put the money in the bank and save for a rainny day. Who knows the new house may need something.

I worked another Trouble shift at work today. Overall the day went fine. However each time I go on this shift I think to myself "How do people live like this?" I think that I should go ahead and start taking pictures of these dwellings. It can be really quite shocking to see what people are l…
Assignment not completed once again. At least it was submitted on time. I was really proud of myself too. I came up with a way to check information that was different from everyone else. Yet, in the end the solution needed a fix to the problem. What to do with this problem!

The good thing I think is that I am learning something about programming even if it is about a day behind.

Time to go home, pop in survivor and wake up for work.

Sweet dreams.

Some times, life has a way of turning things upside down.

Today while buying my regular two liters of skim milk, I ran into someone I never excepted to see. Not that I would never see them again, just that I would never see them in the location and the job for which he was employed. Sometimes things don't work out, sometimes they do. If in the end, you understand the sheer chance of life, you will be ahead of the population in their perception of success.

Rick was working as a courtesy clerk in my local co-op. The last time I saw Rick was when I worked at a sign shop called Sign Craft Digital. It was there that I was a gopher. At the time I thought that I was more than just that, but truthfully that is what I was. I was also very green when it came to the work world. Funny how when you look back, high school was such a bubble of safety, you tend to be obscure to the notion that things are different outside those walls. Anyway, Rick was in a sense one of the guys that gave me proje…
I told my professor of my computer class to pick on me more in class. I have found that the easiest method of reorganizing my priorities comes when one of my lesser priorities is challenged or stressed. I tend to re-evaluate my priorities on the fly, and I think my teacher can help in this area. He already asks the class questions. Might as well direct the questions to me. Even if I don't know the answer. Heck I paid for it, might as well get the most of it.

Other than that, the house is almost in my possession. I have to sign off on the conditions that were stated in the offer to purchase, fill out my RRSP Home Buyers Plan forms, and pay everyone involved.

I am a little interested in how my property taxes will be handled. I am taking possession of the house as of March 1, 2004. So, as instructed by my mortgage broker, I have enlisted in the TIPP program the city of Calgary has. The program allows me to pay my taxes each month directly to them. This way I am paying exactly the amo…
The long of the short. I passed the aptitude. I do not know my score, but I have passed the test. 3.5 hours of testing. 5 30 min tests, consisting of 40 - 70 per test. When it was over, I was very glad that I had passed.

However, as everyone around me is excited, I am forced to celebrate through their excitement for me. There are five big steps to overcome, I am approaching the 3rd step.

1 - Application,
2 - Aptitude,
3 - Interview,
4 - Physical Testing
5 - Verification of Qualification
6 - Celebrate.

Obviously I am looking forward to the 6th unofficial step. Until then, it will be up to me to be ready for the next step. I would like to try very very hard to not mess this up. It would be horrible to find that I did not make it because of something like not anticipating a certain question.

Tonight, my parents are very happy with this progression in the process. We're having steak and potatoes, with a touch of wine.

If I can characterize this process, it would be a long distan…
The house is a green light. I have mortgage aproval at 4.75% for 5 years. All I need to do is provide some documents, fill out some more forms and the house will become my responsibility.

On the same note, tommorow I will be writing the firefighters aptitude test, for which I will be writing for the second time. I am nervous but confident I will get passed this portion of the test.

I need to pass this test.