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Showing posts from December, 2004
Its Christmas, time for hanging out with family. This season was by far one of my best. The whole day has been filled with good company and a lack of stress even though many would think there would be ample to handle. With the pending wedding, my grandfathers illness and my eventual move, you could say that by this time next year everything is going to change. I think a lot of the stress relief has come from a decision that was made last year about this years Christmas format. We were not going to buy any presents for anyone (excluding the kids), unless they were goofy and funny. Kids want money, so that's easy. The day was very easy going, and the format was very family oriented. If it wasn't for grandpa not being there I think it would have been a perfect Christmas.

My grandfather or "grampa" is getting to feel the full force of cancer. A brutal disease, my grandfather has been ravaged by cancer of the bladder, cancer of the intestine and from what I am told cancer…
Anna, this ones for you.

So I went to your house today to say hey. Honestly I have not been around that many women in a long time which was nice (nice in that women aren't men). I talked with many people I have not seen in a long time and some that I have never seen. Overall I was interested in seeing you, which was nice even though when I got to actually grill you, I was the one over the fire. It was like old times, yeah!

It got me thinking about church, and why I haven't gone in almost 3 years. The easy answer is my work schedule did not allow it. However, that isn't exactly true. Yes my schedule won't allow it but that doesn't mean I couldn't be involved in other church activities. I mean I did take courses at school to fill the time. Courses that I really think did some good for this average brain. In reality I think I have purposely (if not subconsciously) skipped church to see what would happen. The truth is I found people who did not live Christian lives…
So the semester is over. I have learned about the human body and it was fun. Fun in the sense the I learned something new and that I was able to see some women that were women, smart intelligent women that were until that class I would have never met. Not to say I know any of them especially well, more like just know them from listening and observing. In some ways it is too bad that it is over. Maybe I will see them in another class. Wishful thinking most likely.

I have finished quite a lot at the house and tomorrow I will be nailing the baseboards on the walls. This month is a time for wrapping things up. So you can imagine that I am about ready to wrap up the large things in the house and concentrate on the small things like the kitchen. The kitchen is a big project looked on from a far, heck even when I break it down to singular tasks the job is still big. Since the kitchen is important, I think it will be important to finish that task. However, I need to at least get my bedroom in…