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Showing posts from September, 2004
I absolutely hate fixing problems that are hidden from my view. Problems that normally would not bother me if they were presented to me up front. I dispose doing other peoples dishes, laundry, cleaning, and other fixes. It is the fact that they don't care or that they know that they have responsibilities and they put them in my hands. I can't just let it go, because then the house, or living space is just not comfortable to live in.

I am just venting, since instead of sleeping I am waiting for a virus scan to complete. My brother has picked up a virus on the parents computer and thought that installing the anti-spyware program it touted was the solution. ARRRRG. Of course it was a spam virus selling spysoftware as anti-spysoftware. Why do I have to always fix the problems that my brother has? The answer: Because my brother thinks that by just leaving the problem and ignoring it, someone else will fix it. Which because most everything he uses is someone else's, other people…
When I think of school I am usually of a sound mind. Putting aside the fact that school can in some respects not be about the education but instead be about the paper at the end of the process. I am in my second year at MRC and I seem to have forgotten that the administrative calendar can sometimes be a little bit of the wall. I am writing this blog out of frustration since I am writing this at the same time as I should be in my first class of human anatomy. Unfortunately no one thought it important to tell the students that the first day of classes would be postponed due to lack of thinking. So as if I have nothing else to do in life I am at the computer screen in the library thinking about all the other places I would rather be.

No worries though, I am a trooper and I have been dying to get back to the gym and pump some weights. Like Dr. Phil says "Starting thinking about the fat or start getting fat." Heck sunshine boy pictures won't take themselves. All kidding aside…