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Showing posts from July, 2004
I lent my cousin some money today and I am not sure it was the right thing to do. After spending more than he had, my cousin was caught with his pants down. His phone bill was due, his parents control his cell phone, and he needs to hand over the doe.

He wanted to pay me interest, I don't want interest. My hope is that the deadline is met, and the money is paid back. I guess that I need some faith. What I really need is to know that my good deed will not be taken advantage of.

Anyways I thought I would just say it for the record.
Two months since my last entry. Time flies when your busy. I have been up to a few things since I last wrote. I finished as much as I am going to finish of my garden, I went on vacation in the Northwest Territories, I am wiring the house for sound/network/phone/cable, and I am enjoying summer.

The garden was not a total failure after all, I have carrots, some lettuce, seeding spinach, maybe some cucumbers and some peas. It was a learning experience, and I am stronger for planting the garden. I have quite a few perennials in the flower beds. Some beautifully flowers indeed. The grass is looking good and the house is coming along nicely. Not fast, but constant. I have chosen the lino, the wood floors are to be started in the next few weeks. And the bathroom is in my head and ready. All that is left to design is the kitchen.

My vacation was wonderfully. Canning the Nahanni river for 2 weeks. 24 Hours of light was a new experience. We saw lots of wildlife, and very little people. Infact…