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If all goes well, by March I will take posession of a 1967 built new bungalo. I will have a double garage (which I will have to finish), 3 bedroom, one bath, kitchen, living room with undeveloped basement. When all is said and done, I will have to refinish the kitchen, redo the linoleum, refinish the hardwood, leave the bathroom for later, and figure out what the heck I need to do to call this place home.

A lot is happening, and more is to come before the sale is finalized.

It is getting to be crunch time. My new home is in site. It is amazing that is some respects, this journey has proven no more exciting than it can be if I were playing a preparing to go to work. The joy is somehow gone, now the reality is sinking in.

Buying a house is in my mind a natural progression. Yet for my parents, it is something they very much would like to be part of in my life. My problem is that as I appreciate the help, the overall load it would put on them is too great for me to ask of them. In moving out I would like to become financially set apart from my parents. A kind of cutting of that ever present flow of financial sustenance. I have been saving, I have been saving, I have been waiting, and somehow the climax is not as exciting as it once seemed. In fact, the whole process is a little scary. I will be entering into a locked down senerio where I will have what is somewhat of a financial jail cell. Don't worry, I was prepared for that, but what I wasn't betti…
A dilemma. Two departments, one employer.

I started with the city thinking that if I ever made the Fire Dept, I could transfer my time worked and continue out my work life. It was not the only reason, but it was one of them. After 3 years, that may not be the case. Losing 3 years of time worked, is not as bad as I once thought. Yet retirement is something I want to achieve before I loose the ability to enjoy it.

With the accepting of my application into the process of the fire dept, I have hit another wall. The recruitment process takes approach a year to train and pass all of the tests required to get into the dept. I have two obvious options, quit my job with the city and try to make it in another dept. Or take a leave of absence from the dept of Wastewater, to tryout for the fire dept. The problem is there is a glitch. A leave of absence (LOA) is taken when an individual would like to take some time off to take care of an ailing family member, travel plans that go past allowable ti…
The next set of processing shall begin. I have been accepted to write the next aptitude test in Febuary. Or at least thats what the message on my phone said.

I am so very happy. Well yes I am happy, but now I have to prepare for the next string of tests. The aptitude is the next on the list. Last year I just missed the cut off. This year I must do a lot better and get past that hurdle. I must get past that hurdle.

Please pray that I can get past this hurdle.

Whats new?

C F D !

I have submitted my resume, aquired all of the requirments, and they called me to start the process. I have to say that overall the process is moving faster than I had thought. With the sewer dept, it took about a month before anyone even called.

What excites me most is that the process, which started for me a few years ago, is gaining momentum. I think of it like pushing a boulder up a hill, and then as I reach the top, seeing how far the boulder rolls down the other side. Using this example, my fear is that I haven't pushed the boulder high enough, and as I let go, the boulder rolls back the way I came.

Overall, I am very excited, but realistic about my chances. Between you and me, my fingers are crossed, and I hope that they are looking for a guy just like me.