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Its Christmas, time for hanging out with family. This season was by far one of my best. The whole day has been filled with good company and a lack of stress even though many would think there would be ample to handle. With the pending wedding, my grandfathers illness and my eventual move, you could say that by this time next year everything is going to change. I think a lot of the stress relief has come from a decision that was made last year about this years Christmas format. We were not going to buy any presents for anyone (excluding the kids), unless they were goofy and funny. Kids want money, so that's easy. The day was very easy going, and the format was very family oriented. If it wasn't for grandpa not being there I think it would have been a perfect Christmas.

My grandfather or "grampa" is getting to feel the full force of cancer. A brutal disease, my grandfather has been ravaged by cancer of the bladder, cancer of the intestine and from what I am told cancer…
Anna, this ones for you.

So I went to your house today to say hey. Honestly I have not been around that many women in a long time which was nice (nice in that women aren't men). I talked with many people I have not seen in a long time and some that I have never seen. Overall I was interested in seeing you, which was nice even though when I got to actually grill you, I was the one over the fire. It was like old times, yeah!

It got me thinking about church, and why I haven't gone in almost 3 years. The easy answer is my work schedule did not allow it. However, that isn't exactly true. Yes my schedule won't allow it but that doesn't mean I couldn't be involved in other church activities. I mean I did take courses at school to fill the time. Courses that I really think did some good for this average brain. In reality I think I have purposely (if not subconsciously) skipped church to see what would happen. The truth is I found people who did not live Christian lives…
So the semester is over. I have learned about the human body and it was fun. Fun in the sense the I learned something new and that I was able to see some women that were women, smart intelligent women that were until that class I would have never met. Not to say I know any of them especially well, more like just know them from listening and observing. In some ways it is too bad that it is over. Maybe I will see them in another class. Wishful thinking most likely.

I have finished quite a lot at the house and tomorrow I will be nailing the baseboards on the walls. This month is a time for wrapping things up. So you can imagine that I am about ready to wrap up the large things in the house and concentrate on the small things like the kitchen. The kitchen is a big project looked on from a far, heck even when I break it down to singular tasks the job is still big. Since the kitchen is important, I think it will be important to finish that task. However, I need to at least get my bedroom in…
I need some luck. It seems that I let a whole term test go unstudied. I have to go to school in 15 min, and the terms are sort of sticking in my mind. I do not want to tank this course, but this test may prove to be a little over my head.

I am going to try my best, retain what I can and hope that I can pull it together.

On a lighter note, I am in finishing mode with the wood in the house. I am in the second coat of the baseboards and bathroom vanity. So far things are looking good and I can start to nail things on the walls this coming week. Why not this week. Because of the tests and the fortune of my parents yearly shared condo, I am going to take a day and relax as well as study my butt off for the lab portion of my human anatomy class. I will bus it up either tonight, or tomorrow morning, and come back on Thursday.

Wish me luck, I am going to need it.

So much good to speak of.

I am in the stage of finishing the wood in the house. Just the doors, cupboards, and base boards. It is a huge task, but once that is finished, its one less thing. Exciting to see almost everything coming together. I have finished the lighting design in the kitchen and I am almost sure of the extra counters and cabinets. All that is left is the construction.

I have touched a dead person. In fact I have touched more than one dead person. I was involved with my human anatomy class this week. Our field trip was to the university morgue. Dead bodies cut up for show. I got right in the mix. I was touching parts, holding whole limbs, it was quite a sight I assure you. I have never felt a lung before and now I know what it feels like (both healthy and sick). It is quite a sight to see the human body taken apart. When you think of what the human body is made up of, the idea of constructing robots seems only limited to the complexity of the parts. It was quite a nice …
I missed my bus. It seems that I keep writing about bad things that have been happening to me. I was suppose to see a whole bunch of cut up dead people today at the university of Calgary. I arrived at my meeting place at the college at 2:07pm. I was 7 minutes late and already the bus had left. It was my fault but hopefully I will be able to see another viewing later in the week.

The good news I thought was that I was free of my illness, and that I could see another day as a healthy person. Unfortunately I am starting to feel under the weather and I am not sure whether I should go to my class this evening. It could be nothing, and I last the next 3 hours with no problems.... or I could have severe diahrea, and violent bursts of vomiting during the class. I think I will play it by ear. I am a ticking time bomb, and I am not exactly pleased about the whole senerio.

tick... tick... tick... (to be continued)

Whew.... finally some good news to report. I did not miss my bus. The dead people …
When an illness hits me, usually it is of the mild kind. Today, or rather this early morning, I was awaken to the uncontrollable erge to loose myself through my rectum. With little sleep I am trying to keep things in. After one of the most powerfull forced involunary vomits I have ever had. I must have emptied my whole stomach and small intestines worth of juice.

The good news is that I am feeling better. The bad news is that there were more of my work buddies that were sick. Which means it was either the food I bought, one of my workmates had the virus, or the virus was in the storm sewer system (someone throws up, the particles with the virus enter my body via the mist produced from cleaning).

I am starting to feel better, but holy cow I don't want to feel like that again.

Have you ever had to be around a person that when confronted with something unfamilar, will try to wing it and make something up? Is it hard to just stand there and let the lies just fly from their mouths? For me it is extremely hard. A lie is a cover, and when you know that their cover is blown, should you expose them, or should you exploit them?

Yesterday, I had to spend about 6 hours with a guy that could tell the truth, but when confronted with unknowns, just started winging it. The painful part was that his lies were just so far out there, it was hard to believe anything he said following his statements. He had this ability to just keep digging himself into holes, and instead of just shutting up, he just kept talking.
My problem was that I just let him continue spuing the garbage from his mouth.

Which means my problem is that I don't know how to solve my own problems when looking at them face first.
So I will keep this short once again.

Things are fine. I have nearly completed the bathroom. I have an anatomy exam next week that I am not so sure about. A lot of muscles, and joints that I have to know. We will see I guess.

The weather is getting colder. I looking forward to the cold weather. I have always been a fan of the winter.

Looking forward to next month, and I am really looking forward to December.
Whats NEW?

- brother is engaged.
- house is almost fully painted.
- bathroom is ready for tiles.
- kitchen cabinets have been purchased.
- winter is coming.
- school is school.
- The nagging feeling that I need to move into my house.

Other than that, life is the same since last entry. Go figure.
I absolutely hate fixing problems that are hidden from my view. Problems that normally would not bother me if they were presented to me up front. I dispose doing other peoples dishes, laundry, cleaning, and other fixes. It is the fact that they don't care or that they know that they have responsibilities and they put them in my hands. I can't just let it go, because then the house, or living space is just not comfortable to live in.

I am just venting, since instead of sleeping I am waiting for a virus scan to complete. My brother has picked up a virus on the parents computer and thought that installing the anti-spyware program it touted was the solution. ARRRRG. Of course it was a spam virus selling spysoftware as anti-spysoftware. Why do I have to always fix the problems that my brother has? The answer: Because my brother thinks that by just leaving the problem and ignoring it, someone else will fix it. Which because most everything he uses is someone else's, other people…
When I think of school I am usually of a sound mind. Putting aside the fact that school can in some respects not be about the education but instead be about the paper at the end of the process. I am in my second year at MRC and I seem to have forgotten that the administrative calendar can sometimes be a little bit of the wall. I am writing this blog out of frustration since I am writing this at the same time as I should be in my first class of human anatomy. Unfortunately no one thought it important to tell the students that the first day of classes would be postponed due to lack of thinking. So as if I have nothing else to do in life I am at the computer screen in the library thinking about all the other places I would rather be.

No worries though, I am a trooper and I have been dying to get back to the gym and pump some weights. Like Dr. Phil says "Starting thinking about the fat or start getting fat." Heck sunshine boy pictures won't take themselves. All kidding aside…
This week is special. I am going to reformat and reinstall my parents operating system and computer programs. This will involve some faith, I have read and I understand what I must do. I just have to do it. If I don't back up all the important files there could be some problems, but I think that the only thing I will miss is the programs which were obtained through the dark side of the force. Back in my youth, the programs I used were not entirely legal. I mean someone paid for the program, just not me. I will be loosing quite a few nice editing programs, and that is a shame. The truth of the matter is that the time has come for me to relinquish control over the computer and let my parents have it back for its last legs. Then when they retire the computer I can take it off there hands and use it for either parts or as a sever.

I thought I would just let everyone know that I am about to take the plunge into the depths of erasure. Wish me luck.
Well I am back to school. Well not back yet. I am enrolled in another semester of Mount Royal College and this semester is a doozy. I am taking human anatomy. One course, for the semester. To stay in my program. Its like climbing a mountain on your knees. One day I am going to be at the end.

Back to work.
Two things. I saw a great movie, and I learned a valuable lesson. The lesson was that even after you think your done a task, take a moment to take a step back, change the lighting and look again. You may just realize that your task is not quite done yet.

The movie I saw was a great movie indeed. Based on the fact that love is all around us. Called "Love Actually", the cast was immense, the difference plots all connect, and the relationships were a wide spectrum of the different methods of finding love. I would recommend this movie, infact I would buy this movie.

I love watching good movies. They make you think, command your mind, take a thought to many different levels, and of course entertain our emotions for a good two hours. I have been renovation my house, and in between the floors, the bathroom/kitchen, and the garden I have been organizing the entertainment side of the house. Wiring network wiring, s-video patches, speaker locations, and some extras all around the hous…
I lent my cousin some money today and I am not sure it was the right thing to do. After spending more than he had, my cousin was caught with his pants down. His phone bill was due, his parents control his cell phone, and he needs to hand over the doe.

He wanted to pay me interest, I don't want interest. My hope is that the deadline is met, and the money is paid back. I guess that I need some faith. What I really need is to know that my good deed will not be taken advantage of.

Anyways I thought I would just say it for the record.
Two months since my last entry. Time flies when your busy. I have been up to a few things since I last wrote. I finished as much as I am going to finish of my garden, I went on vacation in the Northwest Territories, I am wiring the house for sound/network/phone/cable, and I am enjoying summer.

The garden was not a total failure after all, I have carrots, some lettuce, seeding spinach, maybe some cucumbers and some peas. It was a learning experience, and I am stronger for planting the garden. I have quite a few perennials in the flower beds. Some beautifully flowers indeed. The grass is looking good and the house is coming along nicely. Not fast, but constant. I have chosen the lino, the wood floors are to be started in the next few weeks. And the bathroom is in my head and ready. All that is left to design is the kitchen.

My vacation was wonderfully. Canning the Nahanni river for 2 weeks. 24 Hours of light was a new experience. We saw lots of wildlife, and very little people. Infact…
The garden is taking up a lot of time. However on the good side, I am nearly complete. About 2 days away till I have conditioned, added good topsoil, rototilled, and finally planted my vegetables. Then it is off to the edges of the house, where I will not go as deep as I had previously and I'll spread out the perennials and add some annuals to the houses exterior. Then after all is said and done, the outside of the house will be on its way to recovery. The last owner kind of let the exterior of the house (yard plants, grass) to either grow wild or not let grow enough. Either way, with an exterior looking good, the interior can be worked on without the problem of frustrated neighbors over an empty house.

At least that's the plan. Good neighbors are sometimes hard to keep. First impressions are very important.
I am an idea man, and I know that one day an idea will make my life and the life of others a little easier. So saying this, I had a great idea this weekend and the idea is so simple, so usable I think that I may have something to start with. This could be the starting block I have been waiting for. Not going to reveal to much, but it deals directly with my job.

The inside week of renovations has begun. I have been putting the inside stuff off because the weather was so nice and the gardens needed tending. Now since my father has painted 2 walls in my house, I can start to see where all my mudding and sanding is starting to lead. Today, is simple, sand and mud, and then sand. Tommorow, prime, and by weeks end, paint.

I have however another matter. My two weeks off from working out has come to a close, and I must go back. The cravings are too strong, and I must succome. That will be first on the agenda, and then the house.
I am an idea man, and I know that one day an idea will make my life and the life of others a little easier. So saying this, I had a great idea this weekend and the idea is so simple, so usable I think that I may have something to start with. This could be the starting block I have been waiting for. Not going to reveal to much, but it deals directly with my job.

The inside week of renovations has begun. I have been putting the inside stuff off because the weather was so nice and the gardens needed tending. Now since my father has painted 2 walls in my house, I can start to see where all my mudding and sanding is starting to lead. Today, is simple, sand and mud, and then sand. Tommorow, prime, and by weeks end, paint.

I have however another matter. My two weeks off from working out has come to a close, and I must go back. The cravings are too strong, and I must succome. That will be first on the agenda, and then the house.
School is over, the house is coming, the garden is still being prepared and the things of life are still grinding their way through my life. I passed my courses, but not with the marks I expected. My linear algebra class was going so well I am surprised with the mark I received. The good news is that I passed, and I am off to the next hurdle. I need to figure out what I am going to do.

The house. It is a project in its own. Each task seemly small in the beginning, unravels into something much more involved. I had a feeling like that was going to be the case. Only so many hours in the day. I seem to be able to fill everyone of them. Today, I am spending money. Money on tires, money on shoes, money on life. Things cost money, so easy we see only the steps in front of us, never expected to see the hurdles 100 meters down the track.

I am meeting my neighbors. Each time, getting to know them on good terms, and not with bad first impressions. It is nice to know the neighborhood with virgin …
I have been skimming my study of Linear Algebra and tonight I will be applying the study to hands on calculations. Tomorrow is my last test of the semester and it will mean that I will be freeing up my summer for my house and taking a break from school. Something I needed to do since the melt down about a month ago.

I was going to go work in the garden, but today is so windy, I am glad I have left it as it was. I would have no dirt left to plant anything. The weather forecasters are issuing wind warnings of up to 80km gusts. I am really looking forward to getting back to my house, and the garden, as well as concentrating more on the fire dept once again.

that's it for today. Nothing special to report.
The screening process has begun and the wood chips I picked up from the dumps Christmas tree recycling program are smaller than I would like. From the truck load I picked up I think I will only get around 4 or 5 wheel barrels of good wood chips. I may have to go back to the dump and get another load.

Today was a little interesting, the smell of smoking plastic floats through the house this morning. I am trying to air the house out but the smoke is in my nose, and I can't tell if it is gone. It all happened when I place the plastic measuring cup on the burner, while I was making some puffed wheat squares. I totaled a plastic jug that has been in the family for more than a decade. Moms gonna cry. Maybe not.

Before I get stuck behind this computer, I have to go water my grass before it gets to hot. On the agenda today, finish screening the mulch, finish screening the gardens and sand the walls again. Later.
Today is a big day. In about 30 min I will be going to my house to mud some of the holes I made in my walls, then its off to the gardens where I will be sifting the soil so as I can have a vegetable/flower/herb garden again instead of the gravel pit I have now. The previous owner grew potatoes and then parked a car on top of the garden. Since I have a double garage, the garden will be a nice addition to which I hope to expand next year. It should be a pretty dull day, but the exciting things are to come after the mundane. Lots to do with the house and I am working slowly at a list that seems to grow every time I look at it.

Other than the mundane, I have been given an opportunity to join a new mail service as a beta tester. Google is opening its doors to mail service and I am excited about the process. Hotmail has been going down hill and it is nice to see another free service provider stepping up to the plate. The address is simple.


They offer some exciting se…
I am in my room wondering if I am losing my friends. I am keeping pretty secluded away from those I used to know. In doing so, I am seeing a dramatic decrease in friends giving me a call. I know that I should be an initiator. Just a passing thought. Perhaps its nothing. I should get some sleep.
100 years. That's how long Chip the family dog will be when he is put down this week. It has been a good run for the dog that I grew up with. 14 years ago, I was introduced to chip at my Nana and Grandpa house. He was an incredibly energetic dog back then. Nothing would please us more then to play with Chip. You can see the age in Chips body now. His eyes about the only thing left which reflects his youth. And even they are clouding over with age. He is moving quite slow, and his hind legs are giving out on him. Overall I think my Aunt is making the right choice.

I am taking this quite well considering that my take on animals is that they are a companion that fill a role. When that role is fulfilled their purpose is over and it is time to move on. My other relatives are not taking it as well as I. Or perhaps it is the other way around. We celebrated chips life over a lamb dinner where we talked and enjoyed a glass of champaine. A toast to a fine miniature Schnauzer.

I am going to …
Have you ever cocked your head to the side like a dog? For some strange reason I cock my head as if, the slight change in angle will make whatever I look at make more sense. I had one of these moments while looking at a art collection of women wearing their favorite old undies. Truly fascinating, and a great distraction from the real boring tasks at hand today.
Clean up my address book and get all the people I don't know outta here.

It looked like a great idea. The execution was not so pleasent. Due to some server errors with hotmail, I seem to have lost almost all of my addresses that I have been trying to keep. What a bummer. Over 200 good email addresses and almost all have been lost.

Sometimes you just got to grin and bare it.
A whole week since my last entry. I am now almost withdrawn from my computer course. It was a mentally tough thing to do but once it was over, the only difference is that my mark will not be recorded. Which could be a blessing in disguise.

I talked with my grandfather about gardening. Something which I am starting to get excited about since I have a garden in the back yard, and space for flowers along my yard. I even thought about placing a raspberry bush along the back fence. It would be a nice invitation for me to get into my backyard and the neighbor's would like them too. It is kind of exciting to know that I have the potential to grow stuff in my yard. I am even thinking about rooting an apple tree my grandfather has in his back yard to continue the tradition of juicing fruit (in 7 years or so).

Also, I am going to get started with the painting of the ceilings now that I have a sprayer. Dad put the first coat on and now its time to do another coat. Then its off to the mudding…
I had to make a hard decision today. I went to the registrar office and picked up a request to withdraw form from the girl at the counter. I have to get my instructor to sign the sheet and then the department head. It wasn't a shining moment, in fact I can't seem to get out of this sloutch. The stupid thing is that I have a lot going for me and I can't seem to get past it.

Maybe to jump this hurdle I should start concentrating on making other peoples lives more cheerful. You know give smiles, and see what kind of reaction I can get. I say this because I can't seem to meet people as easily as I once was. I can almost just shut down when I am meeting people. For instance, I am a grog at the gym which I am not changing (but I could smile a little more). That's not the case, what is the case is that I am surrounded by women, some drop dead some working their way towards drop dead, and I think I could throw some compliments when I seem them outside the gym. I am still h…
Things are potentially looking up. A few things happened today. I started thinking about how I would make the fire dept, instead of how I may fail (even though failure is very dominant still in my mind). I started to understand what I have been given and what I am striving for. Finally I received a letter from a woman, who until today has been a character is a very real story.

I will start out with the woman. Her name is Susan Tom and she has been taking care of children that in other circumstances others would perhaps shy away from. In doing so, she has made a wonderful life for her family, who deal with real issues and simpler problems. Some of her children will die before I do, some will live very comparable lives to everyone else. The truth is, she is living a life which in my mind is worth living. Total devotion to her family and with a real sense of who she is and what priorities come first within her life. Anyways, I feel as if I know her and her family, when the truth is, I kn…
The expression of the day is cheerfully horrible. I am crying during heartfelt songs, I have a generally angry face most of the day. This cold is not helping much. I think I just need a good all out cry. Just for about an hour. Just so I can equalize again. It has become apparent that this second chance is a blessing, and I should care for it and not take any part of a second chance without total seriousness. I now know what potential fire fighters go through when they are cut from the process.

I saw a movie last night that I could not stop watching. CBC's "The Passionate Eye" showed a documentary called "My Flesh and Blood". It was a wonderful look at a mother that used her life to nurture kids who were born with disadvantages. Some brutally burned, some without legs, some with genetic diseases, and some with a clear knowledge that they are going to die, sooner than later. It was a heart felt documentary, and I will never look at the world with the same eyes a…
I'm still beating myself up over this failed interview. The more I think about it the more angry I get. I want so much to turn the blame on the interviewers, but I just can't. I screwed up and I have to learn from what I had done wrong. Which was a lot. Boy oh boy, I feel extremely horrible. Usually I can let stuff like this go, but something about this has stuck with me. What is clear is that the more I talk about this out loud the better I feel. However its when I am alone in my head, when no one is there to bounce off my peaks of emotion, I boil over. I just need to release somehow. Working out is an ok method. I need something else. I just for the life of me can not figure out what.

Today I was taking a coffee break at a strip mall when two similar yet totally different situations occurred. It was a windy day, and things were sailing with the wind. A shopping cart started to roll towards a parked car and within cm's the cart swerved slightly from the path of the car. I…
Strike two. I did not get past the interview process, the reason was a weak interview. However my interviewers did give me one more chance. I have one year, then I can apply again. One more year and one more chance.

I feel uneasy and at the same time as if it was expected. Part of myself is saying, "Weak interview!", while the other side says "Ya, it was a weak interview."

I know that I answered some of the questions with a little bit of a 3rd person view and I know that it worked against me. I also have a feeling that, my answers were not as cut and dry as they should have been. I will have to work on that.

Another time to re-evaluate my life has come. I will have to look at school, priorities, work. In fact, this interview has made me think about how I deal with my surroundings. I will have to change the way I work, change the things I do, and change how I have been preparing for the fire dept.

I think it may be time to bring all of my resources available inward…
Eight hours untill my shinning moment. I will be getting 6 hours of sleep tonight. My fire fighter interview is tommorow, or should I say today. 50/50 chance. Its my best odds yet. Keep your fingers crossed, this road is about to getting interesting.
Yesterday I purchased new lights for my new house. An expensive but energy saving measure in the long run. The lights take a little bit to get used to but energy saved is in the long run something to smile about.

Also, I purchased a lunch container (finally) which I will use in conjunction with my new fridge to save money and time going to the local food establishments to get lunch and dinner. Most of the time I end up going to Safeway or Co-op anyways but the smaller servings are always more expensive. I am looking to save money and I think this lunch box will do it. It carries an icepack (or two) and two litres worth of liquids, along with room to spare for sandwiches and whatever. There is even a pocket on the outside. You know your life is dull when you are raving about a lunch box. However the lunch box is big (20 cans of pop big) and that's what I was gunning for.

Why am I writing about this? Well today was my first outing with the lunch box and my milk which I have been to…
It's a done deal. I am now the proud owner of a mortgage for a house. It will be a long (hopefully not) next few years of paying off this house, but I am confident that I can do it. The goal is to save money where possible and put it towards my payments and things for the house. How will I do that? A few ideas:

- Renter/roommate
- Energy savings through lights, water, heat.
- Programmable thermostat.
- Energy saving lights.
- Buying in bulk,
- Energy saving shower heads.
- compost and growing vegetables/ herbs in the garden.
- The list goes on....

What fun it is to laugh and play in my very own house!

Other than that. It is now time to start planning to renovate. Then it would be time to start changing the surrounding to suit my life.

An exciting time indeed.
I hate when I make a mistake that ends up costing me in the end. Sometimes you can just dismiss the error and move on. Usually that is not the case when money is involved. Today was one of those days. I had been buying RRSP's for my retirement. Not a bad idea. The funds gain interest and when I retire, I can take out the money for my general expenses. Recently I was interested in using my RRSP's for a more current dream of purchasing a house. A simple enough idea, cash in the RRSP, pay back the loan, and continue earning interest on the loan. Simple enough. I have been learning and also forgetting that something which sounds to good to be true usually is. So I make the necessary arrangements and withdraw the funds.

Something goes wrong in the transaction. The total I was saw on my online banking was not what was withdrawn from the account. It was a little over $150 out of wack. So I phoned my bank, asked why the discrepancy, no response. Fine I will go down and see for myself.…
In my last blog, I mentioned that I would be putting the WCB money away for a rainny day. Well before I could do that, I was placed in a postion where the money had to go out just as fast as it came in. My parents called in a debt. True enough that I owed them money, so the debt was paid and that was that.

Today I have been stuck at home. I was volunteered to pick up my grandfather from the hospital. However, the pickup was supposed to occur at 8am. It is now 2:15pm and I am no closer to a pick up than this morning. The day is getting screwed up but overall I am finding things to do.
A few things to mention. I am officially of the worker compensation board for my right knee. FINISHED! According to them I my knee is 96% back to normal. Which is 3% worse than I thought. The good news is that I can get on with my life and continue with the fire dept. I was paid out by workers compensation. If I was totally disabled I would have been entitled to over $70 Grand. Wow, but really when you think about it, that means that your knee is only worth that much to the WCB. Which is quite a small amount. Overall I was paid out far less than 70 Gs. Personally I like it like that. I will put the money in the bank and save for a rainny day. Who knows the new house may need something.

I worked another Trouble shift at work today. Overall the day went fine. However each time I go on this shift I think to myself "How do people live like this?" I think that I should go ahead and start taking pictures of these dwellings. It can be really quite shocking to see what people are l…
Assignment not completed once again. At least it was submitted on time. I was really proud of myself too. I came up with a way to check information that was different from everyone else. Yet, in the end the solution needed a fix to the problem. What to do with this problem!

The good thing I think is that I am learning something about programming even if it is about a day behind.

Time to go home, pop in survivor and wake up for work.

Sweet dreams.

Some times, life has a way of turning things upside down.

Today while buying my regular two liters of skim milk, I ran into someone I never excepted to see. Not that I would never see them again, just that I would never see them in the location and the job for which he was employed. Sometimes things don't work out, sometimes they do. If in the end, you understand the sheer chance of life, you will be ahead of the population in their perception of success.

Rick was working as a courtesy clerk in my local co-op. The last time I saw Rick was when I worked at a sign shop called Sign Craft Digital. It was there that I was a gopher. At the time I thought that I was more than just that, but truthfully that is what I was. I was also very green when it came to the work world. Funny how when you look back, high school was such a bubble of safety, you tend to be obscure to the notion that things are different outside those walls. Anyway, Rick was in a sense one of the guys that gave me proje…
I told my professor of my computer class to pick on me more in class. I have found that the easiest method of reorganizing my priorities comes when one of my lesser priorities is challenged or stressed. I tend to re-evaluate my priorities on the fly, and I think my teacher can help in this area. He already asks the class questions. Might as well direct the questions to me. Even if I don't know the answer. Heck I paid for it, might as well get the most of it.

Other than that, the house is almost in my possession. I have to sign off on the conditions that were stated in the offer to purchase, fill out my RRSP Home Buyers Plan forms, and pay everyone involved.

I am a little interested in how my property taxes will be handled. I am taking possession of the house as of March 1, 2004. So, as instructed by my mortgage broker, I have enlisted in the TIPP program the city of Calgary has. The program allows me to pay my taxes each month directly to them. This way I am paying exactly the amo…
The long of the short. I passed the aptitude. I do not know my score, but I have passed the test. 3.5 hours of testing. 5 30 min tests, consisting of 40 - 70 per test. When it was over, I was very glad that I had passed.

However, as everyone around me is excited, I am forced to celebrate through their excitement for me. There are five big steps to overcome, I am approaching the 3rd step.

1 - Application,
2 - Aptitude,
3 - Interview,
4 - Physical Testing
5 - Verification of Qualification
6 - Celebrate.

Obviously I am looking forward to the 6th unofficial step. Until then, it will be up to me to be ready for the next step. I would like to try very very hard to not mess this up. It would be horrible to find that I did not make it because of something like not anticipating a certain question.

Tonight, my parents are very happy with this progression in the process. We're having steak and potatoes, with a touch of wine.

If I can characterize this process, it would be a long distan…
The house is a green light. I have mortgage aproval at 4.75% for 5 years. All I need to do is provide some documents, fill out some more forms and the house will become my responsibility.

On the same note, tommorow I will be writing the firefighters aptitude test, for which I will be writing for the second time. I am nervous but confident I will get passed this portion of the test.

I need to pass this test.
If all goes well, by March I will take posession of a 1967 built new bungalo. I will have a double garage (which I will have to finish), 3 bedroom, one bath, kitchen, living room with undeveloped basement. When all is said and done, I will have to refinish the kitchen, redo the linoleum, refinish the hardwood, leave the bathroom for later, and figure out what the heck I need to do to call this place home.

A lot is happening, and more is to come before the sale is finalized.

It is getting to be crunch time. My new home is in site. It is amazing that is some respects, this journey has proven no more exciting than it can be if I were playing a preparing to go to work. The joy is somehow gone, now the reality is sinking in.

Buying a house is in my mind a natural progression. Yet for my parents, it is something they very much would like to be part of in my life. My problem is that as I appreciate the help, the overall load it would put on them is too great for me to ask of them. In moving out I would like to become financially set apart from my parents. A kind of cutting of that ever present flow of financial sustenance. I have been saving, I have been saving, I have been waiting, and somehow the climax is not as exciting as it once seemed. In fact, the whole process is a little scary. I will be entering into a locked down senerio where I will have what is somewhat of a financial jail cell. Don't worry, I was prepared for that, but what I wasn't betti…
A dilemma. Two departments, one employer.

I started with the city thinking that if I ever made the Fire Dept, I could transfer my time worked and continue out my work life. It was not the only reason, but it was one of them. After 3 years, that may not be the case. Losing 3 years of time worked, is not as bad as I once thought. Yet retirement is something I want to achieve before I loose the ability to enjoy it.

With the accepting of my application into the process of the fire dept, I have hit another wall. The recruitment process takes approach a year to train and pass all of the tests required to get into the dept. I have two obvious options, quit my job with the city and try to make it in another dept. Or take a leave of absence from the dept of Wastewater, to tryout for the fire dept. The problem is there is a glitch. A leave of absence (LOA) is taken when an individual would like to take some time off to take care of an ailing family member, travel plans that go past allowable ti…
The next set of processing shall begin. I have been accepted to write the next aptitude test in Febuary. Or at least thats what the message on my phone said.

I am so very happy. Well yes I am happy, but now I have to prepare for the next string of tests. The aptitude is the next on the list. Last year I just missed the cut off. This year I must do a lot better and get past that hurdle. I must get past that hurdle.

Please pray that I can get past this hurdle.

Whats new?

C F D !

I have submitted my resume, aquired all of the requirments, and they called me to start the process. I have to say that overall the process is moving faster than I had thought. With the sewer dept, it took about a month before anyone even called.

What excites me most is that the process, which started for me a few years ago, is gaining momentum. I think of it like pushing a boulder up a hill, and then as I reach the top, seeing how far the boulder rolls down the other side. Using this example, my fear is that I haven't pushed the boulder high enough, and as I let go, the boulder rolls back the way I came.

Overall, I am very excited, but realistic about my chances. Between you and me, my fingers are crossed, and I hope that they are looking for a guy just like me.