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Showing posts from November, 2003
Two weeks till school at least this semester is over.

My objectives are simple. Pass. If I can't pass all of my courses, pass the ones I can.

Secondly, actively use my time wisely to refer to all of my math, I have learned in the past.

I want to talk about work now. Work is wonderful, I can't say enough about what I do, that I get paid to do it and that I can do so much with the after effects of my job. There is always something to complain about, and in this blog, I will stay away from everyone of them except for one.

For a good stint of time, my department has been spending time, cleaning a storm line that was subject as a drain to a water main break. The water main, was feeding a powerstation, which provided all the power to the hospital that contains it. During the water main break, tons and tons of water was ejected into the storm main, pushing a lot of silt into the river. What occurred was a mandatory clean up of the storm to see just what was left in the aftermath. The…
I am almost done my day today. Its been another long day. In fact today I was seriously contemplating learning on my own time. I am stretching myself thin. Its something I try to stay away from but school has proven to be somewhat of a bother when it comes to managing my time.

Professors try to baby step us to another level, all not working in unison. I am running through material I should be walking through. Its disappointing, since I am spending money to learn this stuff, and it seems like I am learning and retaining only a small part of it.

I can see now why my friends have been confused about secondary school. I had always told them that it doesn't matter in the end, since they will most likely get a better job afterwards and that the other issues in life that I go through would be lessened (money).

Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I am trying to go to school, keep my job, retain a normal life, and try to apply for the fire department all at the same time. With registra…