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Showing posts from October, 2003
Two weeks since my last entry. What has changed. Well I am taking a break from it all (for about 5 minutes). I am crash course studying for Calculus, which awkwardly enough is starting to make sense. I have a Linear Algebra quiz today and my Computer Science assignment is due this evening. What could make this day any better. Well the fact that I thought I lost my favorite pen (which I did), and prompted me to come to school, early and see if I left it their. The slightest chance in the world that it would be there. Slimmer if someone had found it. The pen was miraculously found by a person who was still in the class I had left it. The computer wing is full of guys like that. What's even better is that he gave me back my pen, instead of denying knowledge of its existence.

I was so happy, considering how much the pen was purchased for ($15 Can) and that I have already gone through a pen refill. Its grip is wide and its function is many. I must say I have a fondness for this pen.

Yesterday, after entering a sewer manhole (which by the way is what I do). I was confronted by a little old lady who was driving by in the intersection. She was in her car looking at me. Looking and talking. To me, except her window was rolled up. As she approached I could read from her lips "What are you doing?", but when she stopped infront of me, in the middle of the residential intersection, I doubt if I knew what she was talking about.

The funny part was, I think she thought I could her every word. Yet since I could not, all I could do was smile and pretend to understand. It was weird, yet fascinating at the same time. The fact of the matter was that at one point in my life I was on the other side of the car window, talking to the person outside working on the street. The fact was, the way in which it had happened was like I was on the other side of the looking glass, seeing the other side of the story.

Note to self, stop talking to people through glass, and or when I t…