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Showing posts from December, 2003
Oh my, by the skin of my teeth!

Out of the 3 courses I took this semester, 2 of them have come back with passing grades. Honestly, this was more than I had hoped for. Just goes to show that when you aim low, expectations can be overexploited faithfully. One more course to go and we will see what happens.

I have some bad feelings about the next score to come in, but I think that overall I have accomplished more than I had hoped. Next semester though, it will be time to sharpen my study skills and bring home some really great marks.

My fingers are crossed for calculus, but overall I am ready to take the course over again.

Christmas is coming. Yeah.

I think Christmas is turning into something of a bother. The meaning is messed up, the expectations are skewed. The cheque books are bouncing, and everyone thinks someone owes them something.

I have even looked at my tree, and thought God never had a dying tree in mind when he sent his son. Why do we put a dying tree in our house? Why, why, why. When will someone say enough!

All I want for Christmas is all of my family around a big dinner table, and for kicks, we can hang out and talk for the evening. Enjoying each other. Is that to simple to ask? Does there have to be something else? Presents are really so superficial, and it doesn't make sense to get something that shows their meaning to you? I mean if you get me a great present, and I get you a average one, do we have a problem in our relationship? If I buy you a book, what am I saying? Marketing has run out of control. Christmas is not real anymore. Its a whole bunch of socks and underwear in disguis…
I'm ready to fail.

Something I would have never said in my younger life.

I was scared to fail, but after taking a good look at it, I am not scared anymore.

I may need to take another go at my school, with a greater sense of purpose the second time through.

I am just so happy to see the other side of all of this.
I have been thinking about school and a few people have created a balloon of encouragement around me. This encouragement is something I wish to document.

I have been doing fair when it comes to my first semester back to school. Which has caused me to think about my life as it is concerned with school.

This is what I have learned.

Recently I have been complimented by a family friend, whom I look up to as a sort of role model. He has made certain decisions in his life which has made a positive impact on my life. A few days ago, he said that I have shown a knowledge about my surroundings that most people including himself could not see until later in life. In fact some people never see the loops that their lives can not escape. The fact that I was thinking past the future that I can barely see, was a demonstration that perhaps I would make similar decisions that he would have made if given the opportunity. Oddly enough I could not take his compliment graciously. I know what he was saying…
Two things happened worth mentioning today.

I saw a guy perhaps do some major damage to his pectoral when he attempted to lift more than he could safely. Even with a spotter he couldn't even do two. The spotter felt so bad, and thought he heard the muscle or tendons rip. Ouch. The truth of it was, with or without a spotter, a weight lifter takes that chance every time a larger weight is introduced. It happened to me when I dropped a bar loaded with 90lb each side on my chest. I told the spotter not to beat himself up. Spotting is a hit or miss situation. The spotter is there to spot (more often the last few reps), not compensate for the total amount of lifts.

The second, was a comment made online to me from a close friend that they had lifted around $300 worth of cocaine. Their plan, was to sell it. Easy money. I needed to abolish this idea and fast. Selling drugs is destructive, and not worth the long term effects.

Other than that, a pretty ordinary day.