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The Matrix is concluding.... or is it?

As I am a big fan of the Matrix, I will enjoy the final installment of the Matrix this November. I will buy all the DVD's, and I will love every minute of it.

I am stuck thinking though, that will the Matrix end?

A movie that makes that much money, that much $$$$$$$$$$$. Can it ever be stopped. The question is will, it be stopped? The creators only planned on 3 episodes. Will they commit?

I just thought I should include this thought in my blog. It seemed the fair thing to do.
My new watch arrived. From the moment I bought it, I thought to myself, "should I?" The watch is the bigger brother of my old watch which I bought when I exited high school. I loved that watch. So much so, that I have used it so much, it was like a second appendage of an arm I have always used. Now with the new watch, I am hoping that it brings me as much joy as the older, more worn version.

The only question now, is what do I do with the older watch? Sell it, give it away, keep it. The question is burning in my mind. I will give it at least a week and mull over it some more.

Of course some of the features are toned down (which is bad) and some are brand new (which is great). The biggest improvement with this watch is the solar power it generates to bring life to this watch. Over the past couple years I have spent around sixty dollars on replacement batteries, bands, and seals. Hopefully, this watch will be in my possession for many years to come. Unless, another more exciti…
You want to hear about cell phone stories, well I have one for you.

I have been a cell user for many years. I have been with Rogers AT&T all that time. In those glorious years, I have had to call the customer service centre at least 5 times a year because of problems with my bill, over billing, and phone plans that seem to disappear when I end my phone calls with the many (what seem like thousands) of customer service representatives.

Recently I cut a phone feature which included a certain amount of text messages I could send. The reason was because I could receive up to 2500 messages for free. I was only sending a few a month and it did not warrant the expense. For over a year now I have been a subscriber to MSN Alerts. The program sends my phone text msg's from weather to sports, to e-mail alerts. When I changed my plan, I pretty much kissed it good-bye, because old plans once they have been discarded, are never offered again.

So happily I have been receiving my text msg’…
News Flash!!! Scott needs to stick to the schedule he set out before him!

I just passed my first quiz in Linear Algebra, 50%. The good news is that this is a good wake up call and perhaps I should kick it into gear. The bad news, I just lost 1 - 2% of my final grade.
Big news today. After almost 3 years of working for the City of Calgary, I am finally at the top of my pay scale. It has taken awhile but boy its nice.

It means that in a few months I will be able to buy back my pension, and also enter into paying into my pension. Which is a big deal, because, I am into planning for my future. Pensions are one way of doing that planning process.

In other news. I was involved in my first rear-ender this year. I was hit from behind in a City vehicle while waiting for a red light to turn green. The guy who hit us was having a bad string of luck. The car he hit us with according to him wasn't even paid for yet, also my neck is starting to stiffen up. Which is something I was always unaware about when it came to the understanding of whiplash. Whiplash, happens later, after the adrenaline leaves the body. Funny thing. My back is starting to get stiff too. All I hope for is a speedy recovery. I have better things to do than get hurt.

Lastly, I have recei…
I am starting the next stage in my life. The stage of school. I think that this is a good way of starting off that journey. Until I can run I must learn to walk. So this text based forum will act as my guide. School life is very text based. So shall I. When the time comes again, I will return to the GUI world (Graphical User Interface).

If I do feel like interjecting a graphic. Don't worry. I'll find a way to link you to it. However, until I gain the freedom of starting my own server and becoming more computer savvy, this blog is going to have to do.

For now, it shall be this. Readers, start your engines. This blog is about to take off.