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Oh my, by the skin of my teeth!

Out of the 3 courses I took this semester, 2 of them have come back with passing grades. Honestly, this was more than I had hoped for. Just goes to show that when you aim low, expectations can be overexploited faithfully. One more course to go and we will see what happens.

I have some bad feelings about the next score to come in, but I think that overall I have accomplished more than I had hoped. Next semester though, it will be time to sharpen my study skills and bring home some really great marks.

My fingers are crossed for calculus, but overall I am ready to take the course over again.

Christmas is coming. Yeah.

I think Christmas is turning into something of a bother. The meaning is messed up, the expectations are skewed. The cheque books are bouncing, and everyone thinks someone owes them something.

I have even looked at my tree, and thought God never had a dying tree in mind when he sent his son. Why do we put a dying tree in our house? Why, why, why. When will someone say enough!

All I want for Christmas is all of my family around a big dinner table, and for kicks, we can hang out and talk for the evening. Enjoying each other. Is that to simple to ask? Does there have to be something else? Presents are really so superficial, and it doesn't make sense to get something that shows their meaning to you? I mean if you get me a great present, and I get you a average one, do we have a problem in our relationship? If I buy you a book, what am I saying? Marketing has run out of control. Christmas is not real anymore. Its a whole bunch of socks and underwear in disguis…
I'm ready to fail.

Something I would have never said in my younger life.

I was scared to fail, but after taking a good look at it, I am not scared anymore.

I may need to take another go at my school, with a greater sense of purpose the second time through.

I am just so happy to see the other side of all of this.
I have been thinking about school and a few people have created a balloon of encouragement around me. This encouragement is something I wish to document.

I have been doing fair when it comes to my first semester back to school. Which has caused me to think about my life as it is concerned with school.

This is what I have learned.

Recently I have been complimented by a family friend, whom I look up to as a sort of role model. He has made certain decisions in his life which has made a positive impact on my life. A few days ago, he said that I have shown a knowledge about my surroundings that most people including himself could not see until later in life. In fact some people never see the loops that their lives can not escape. The fact that I was thinking past the future that I can barely see, was a demonstration that perhaps I would make similar decisions that he would have made if given the opportunity. Oddly enough I could not take his compliment graciously. I know what he was saying…
Two things happened worth mentioning today.

I saw a guy perhaps do some major damage to his pectoral when he attempted to lift more than he could safely. Even with a spotter he couldn't even do two. The spotter felt so bad, and thought he heard the muscle or tendons rip. Ouch. The truth of it was, with or without a spotter, a weight lifter takes that chance every time a larger weight is introduced. It happened to me when I dropped a bar loaded with 90lb each side on my chest. I told the spotter not to beat himself up. Spotting is a hit or miss situation. The spotter is there to spot (more often the last few reps), not compensate for the total amount of lifts.

The second, was a comment made online to me from a close friend that they had lifted around $300 worth of cocaine. Their plan, was to sell it. Easy money. I needed to abolish this idea and fast. Selling drugs is destructive, and not worth the long term effects.

Other than that, a pretty ordinary day.

Two weeks till school at least this semester is over.

My objectives are simple. Pass. If I can't pass all of my courses, pass the ones I can.

Secondly, actively use my time wisely to refer to all of my math, I have learned in the past.

I want to talk about work now. Work is wonderful, I can't say enough about what I do, that I get paid to do it and that I can do so much with the after effects of my job. There is always something to complain about, and in this blog, I will stay away from everyone of them except for one.

For a good stint of time, my department has been spending time, cleaning a storm line that was subject as a drain to a water main break. The water main, was feeding a powerstation, which provided all the power to the hospital that contains it. During the water main break, tons and tons of water was ejected into the storm main, pushing a lot of silt into the river. What occurred was a mandatory clean up of the storm to see just what was left in the aftermath. The…
I am almost done my day today. Its been another long day. In fact today I was seriously contemplating learning on my own time. I am stretching myself thin. Its something I try to stay away from but school has proven to be somewhat of a bother when it comes to managing my time.

Professors try to baby step us to another level, all not working in unison. I am running through material I should be walking through. Its disappointing, since I am spending money to learn this stuff, and it seems like I am learning and retaining only a small part of it.

I can see now why my friends have been confused about secondary school. I had always told them that it doesn't matter in the end, since they will most likely get a better job afterwards and that the other issues in life that I go through would be lessened (money).

Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I am trying to go to school, keep my job, retain a normal life, and try to apply for the fire department all at the same time. With registra…
Two weeks since my last entry. What has changed. Well I am taking a break from it all (for about 5 minutes). I am crash course studying for Calculus, which awkwardly enough is starting to make sense. I have a Linear Algebra quiz today and my Computer Science assignment is due this evening. What could make this day any better. Well the fact that I thought I lost my favorite pen (which I did), and prompted me to come to school, early and see if I left it their. The slightest chance in the world that it would be there. Slimmer if someone had found it. The pen was miraculously found by a person who was still in the class I had left it. The computer wing is full of guys like that. What's even better is that he gave me back my pen, instead of denying knowledge of its existence.

I was so happy, considering how much the pen was purchased for ($15 Can) and that I have already gone through a pen refill. Its grip is wide and its function is many. I must say I have a fondness for this pen.

Yesterday, after entering a sewer manhole (which by the way is what I do). I was confronted by a little old lady who was driving by in the intersection. She was in her car looking at me. Looking and talking. To me, except her window was rolled up. As she approached I could read from her lips "What are you doing?", but when she stopped infront of me, in the middle of the residential intersection, I doubt if I knew what she was talking about.

The funny part was, I think she thought I could her every word. Yet since I could not, all I could do was smile and pretend to understand. It was weird, yet fascinating at the same time. The fact of the matter was that at one point in my life I was on the other side of the car window, talking to the person outside working on the street. The fact was, the way in which it had happened was like I was on the other side of the looking glass, seeing the other side of the story.

Note to self, stop talking to people through glass, and or when I t…
The Matrix is concluding.... or is it?

As I am a big fan of the Matrix, I will enjoy the final installment of the Matrix this November. I will buy all the DVD's, and I will love every minute of it.

I am stuck thinking though, that will the Matrix end?

A movie that makes that much money, that much $$$$$$$$$$$. Can it ever be stopped. The question is will, it be stopped? The creators only planned on 3 episodes. Will they commit?

I just thought I should include this thought in my blog. It seemed the fair thing to do.
My new watch arrived. From the moment I bought it, I thought to myself, "should I?" The watch is the bigger brother of my old watch which I bought when I exited high school. I loved that watch. So much so, that I have used it so much, it was like a second appendage of an arm I have always used. Now with the new watch, I am hoping that it brings me as much joy as the older, more worn version.

The only question now, is what do I do with the older watch? Sell it, give it away, keep it. The question is burning in my mind. I will give it at least a week and mull over it some more.

Of course some of the features are toned down (which is bad) and some are brand new (which is great). The biggest improvement with this watch is the solar power it generates to bring life to this watch. Over the past couple years I have spent around sixty dollars on replacement batteries, bands, and seals. Hopefully, this watch will be in my possession for many years to come. Unless, another more exciti…
You want to hear about cell phone stories, well I have one for you.

I have been a cell user for many years. I have been with Rogers AT&T all that time. In those glorious years, I have had to call the customer service centre at least 5 times a year because of problems with my bill, over billing, and phone plans that seem to disappear when I end my phone calls with the many (what seem like thousands) of customer service representatives.

Recently I cut a phone feature which included a certain amount of text messages I could send. The reason was because I could receive up to 2500 messages for free. I was only sending a few a month and it did not warrant the expense. For over a year now I have been a subscriber to MSN Alerts. The program sends my phone text msg's from weather to sports, to e-mail alerts. When I changed my plan, I pretty much kissed it good-bye, because old plans once they have been discarded, are never offered again.

So happily I have been receiving my text msg’…
News Flash!!! Scott needs to stick to the schedule he set out before him!

I just passed my first quiz in Linear Algebra, 50%. The good news is that this is a good wake up call and perhaps I should kick it into gear. The bad news, I just lost 1 - 2% of my final grade.
Big news today. After almost 3 years of working for the City of Calgary, I am finally at the top of my pay scale. It has taken awhile but boy its nice.

It means that in a few months I will be able to buy back my pension, and also enter into paying into my pension. Which is a big deal, because, I am into planning for my future. Pensions are one way of doing that planning process.

In other news. I was involved in my first rear-ender this year. I was hit from behind in a City vehicle while waiting for a red light to turn green. The guy who hit us was having a bad string of luck. The car he hit us with according to him wasn't even paid for yet, also my neck is starting to stiffen up. Which is something I was always unaware about when it came to the understanding of whiplash. Whiplash, happens later, after the adrenaline leaves the body. Funny thing. My back is starting to get stiff too. All I hope for is a speedy recovery. I have better things to do than get hurt.

Lastly, I have recei…
I am starting the next stage in my life. The stage of school. I think that this is a good way of starting off that journey. Until I can run I must learn to walk. So this text based forum will act as my guide. School life is very text based. So shall I. When the time comes again, I will return to the GUI world (Graphical User Interface).

If I do feel like interjecting a graphic. Don't worry. I'll find a way to link you to it. However, until I gain the freedom of starting my own server and becoming more computer savvy, this blog is going to have to do.

For now, it shall be this. Readers, start your engines. This blog is about to take off.
So far I am impressed. I will keep my eyes on the idea of shifting. Blogging has its advantages. I wonder if I could acess this site via a wireless palm. That would be great.